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The Name Tamotsu in Chinese / Japanese...

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Fong / Fang

China fāng
Japan hou
Fong / Fang Vertical Wall Scroll

方 is the most common version of a Chinese surname that romanizes as Fong from Taiwan or Fang from mainland China.

The meaning of this character is square, upright, honest, fair and square, direction, place, or side. Sometimes 方 can refer to a method, prescription, or way of doing things.

In Japanese, this can be the given names Michi, Masani, Masashi,Tamotsu, Tadashi. It can also be Japanese surnames Hon, Hou, Ho, Fuon, Pan, Ban, Tokukata, or Kata.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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Japanese kotobuki / ことぶき Japanese (1) congratulations; felicitations; best wishes; (2) longevity; long life; (personal name) Yasushi; (male given name) Hitoshi; (surname, given name) Hisashi; (female given name) Hisae; (female given name) Hisa; (given name) Toshikatsu; (personal name) Toshio; (surname, female given name) Toshi; (given name) Tamotsu; (female given name) Sumi; (given name) Suzu; (surname) Suzaki; (surname) Susaki; (surname) Su; (personal name) Jufuku; (surname, female given name) Ju; (given name) Satoshi; (female given name) Kotoho; (p,s,f) Kotobuki

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Mandarin fāng / fang1
Taiwan fang
Japanese hou / ho / ほう    gata / がた    kata / かた
Fong / Fang Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese square; power or involution (mathematics); upright; honest; fair and square; direction; side; party (to a contract, dispute etc); place; method; prescription (medicine); just when; only or just; classifier for square things; abbr. for square or cubic meter; surname Fang
Japanese (1) direction; way; side; area (in a particular direction); (2) side (of an argument, etc.); one's part; (3) type; category; (4) field (of study, etc.); (5) indicates one side of a comparison; (6) way; method; manner; means; (7) length (of each side of a square); (suffix) (1) (honorific or respectful language) (pluralizing suffix) Sirs; Mesdames; (2) (also かた) around (the time that, etc.); about; (1) (also ほう) direction; way; (2) (honorific or respectful language) person; lady; gentleman; (n,n-suf) (3) method of; manner of; way of; (suffix noun) (4) care of ...; (5) (also がた) person in charge of ...; (6) (also がた) side (e.g. "on my mother's side"); (given name) Michi; (female given name) Masani; (given name) Masashi; (surname) Hon; (surname, female given name) Hou; (surname) Fuon; (surname) Pan; (surname) Ban; (surname) Tokukata; (given name) Tamotsu; (given name) Tadashi; (surname) Kata; (personal name) Ataru
Square; place; correct; a means, plan, prescription; then, now, just; to make even

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Mandarin/ yi4
Taiwan i
Japanese hatasu / はたす    tsuyoshi / つよし    tsuyoki / つよき    tamotsu / たもつ    takeru / たける    takeshi / たけし    take / たけ    takashi / たかし    shinobu / しのぶ    sadamu / さだむ    kowashi / こわし    ge / げ    gi / ぎ    kiyoshi / きよし    ki / き    atsushi / あつし
Fong / Fang Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese firm and resolute; staunch
Japanese (given name) Hatasu; (male given name) Tsuyoshi; (given name) Tsuyoki; (personal name) Tamotsu; (male given name) Takeru; (given name) Takeshi; (given name) Take; (given name) Takashi; (given name) Shinobu; (given name) Sadamu; (given name) Kowashi; (personal name) Ge; (personal name) Gi; (personal name) Kiyoshi; (given name) Ki; (given name) Atsushi

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Mandarin rèn // rén / ren4 // ren2
Taiwan jen
Japanese nin / にん
Chinese to assign; to appoint; to take up a post; office; responsibility; to let; to allow; to give free rein to; no matter (how, what etc); classifier for terms served in office, or for spouses, girlfriends etc (as in 前任男友); surname Ren; Ren County 任縣|任县[Ren2 Xian4] in Hebei
Japanese obligation; duty; charge; responsibility; (given name) Makoto; (female given name) Makasu; (surname) Nin; (male given name) Tsutomu; (given name) Tamotsu; (personal name) Tadashi; (given name) Takashi; (surname, given name) Jin; (surname) Imu; (personal name) Ataru
Bear, endure, let; office; it is used to connote laisser-faire; one of the 四病, as 任運 implies laisser-aller; it is intp. by let things follow their own course, or by 自然 naturally, without intervention.

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Mandarin bǎo / bao3
Taiwan pao
Japanese yasuji / やすじ    yasushi / やすし    yasu / やす    mamoru / まもる    mamori / まもり    masashi / まさし    hou / ho / ほう    ho / ほ    haruko / はるこ    tamotsu / たもつ    tamochi / たもち
Chinese to defend; to protect; to keep; to guarantee; to ensure; Bulgaria; Bulgarian; abbr. for 保加利亞|保加利亚[Bao3 jia1 li4 ya4]
Japanese (personal name) Yasuji; (given name) Yasushi; (female given name) Yasu; (given name) Mamoru; (personal name) Mamori; (given name) Masashi; (place-name) Hou; (place-name) Ho; (personal name) Haruko; (surname, given name) Tamotsu; (personal name) Tamochi
Protect, ward, guard; guarantee.

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Mandarin zhí / zhi2
Taiwan chih
Japanese chi / ち
Chinese variant of 值[zhi2]
Japanese (suffix) level; value; (surname) Tamotsu; (personal name) Isuke; (surname) Atai
To meet; happen on; attend to; worth, valued at; meet and revere

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Mandarin quán / quan2
Taiwan ch`üan / chüan
Japanese zen / ぜん
Chinese all; whole; entire; every; complete; surname Quan
Japanese (1) all; whole; entire; complete; overall; (prefix) (2) pan-; omni-; toti-; (male given name) Matoshi; (surname) Mattaku; (female given name) Masa; (surname) Chiyon; (surname) Chon; (surname) Chien; (given name) Tamotsu; (personal name) Zenji; (surname) Zen; (surname) Se; (surname) Jon; (personal name) Jan; (given name) Akira
All, whole, complete.

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Mandarin zài / zai4
Taiwan tsai
Japanese zai / ざい
Chinese (located) at; (to be) in; to exist; in the middle of doing something; (indicating an action in progress)
Japanese (1) country; countryside; (2) outskirts; suburbs; (prefix) (3) situated in; resident in; (personal name) Mitsuru; (given name) Hisashi; (personal name) Chieboku; (female given name) Tamotsu; (female given name) Aru; (personal name) Arifuku; (female given name) Ari; (female given name) Aki
At, in, on, present; to be

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Mandarin jun / jun1
Taiwan chün
Japanese hitoshi / ひとし    hito / ひと    tamotsu / たもつ    kinji / きんじ    kin / きん
Chinese equal; even; all; uniform
Japanese (surname, given name) Hitoshi; (personal name) Hito; (personal name) Tamotsu; (personal name) Kinji; (given name) Kin
Equal, in balance, all; used for kun.

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Mandarin duō / duo1
Taiwan to
Japanese ta / た
Chinese many; much; often; a lot of; numerous; more; in excess; how (to what extent); multi-; Taiwan pr. [duo2] when it means "how"
Japanese (n,pref) multi-; (given name) Masaru; (given name) Tamotsu; (surname) Tazaki; (surname) Takuya; (surname) Kuwata; (surname) Oono; (given name) Ooshi; (surname) Oo; (given name) Isao
bahu: bhūri. Many; all; translit. ta.

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Mandarin cún / cun2
Taiwan ts`un / tsun
Japanese yasushi / やすし    megumu / めぐむ    tamotsu / たもつ    zon / ぞん    son / そん    susumu / すすむ    akira / あきら
Chinese to exist; to deposit; to store; to keep; to survive
Japanese (given name) Yasushi; (given name) Megumu; (surname, given name) Tamotsu; (given name) Zon; (given name) Son; (given name) Susumu; (female given name) Akira
To keep, maintain, preserve; to exist

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Mandarin wán / wan2
Taiwan wan
Japanese kan / かん
Chinese to finish; to be over; whole; complete; entire
Japanese (expression) (1) (at the close of a book, film, etc.) The End; Finis; (n-suf,n) (2) completion; conclusion; end; (3) providing fully; (given name) Yutaka; (given name) Yasushi; (given name) Mamoru; (given name) Matashi; (given name) Masashi; (given name) Hiroshi; (surname, female given name) Tamotsu; (given name) Sadamu; (surname) Sada; (personal name) Kanji; (surname, given name) Kan; (personal name) Ikuya; (personal name) Ikui
to perfect

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Mandarin yòu / you4
Taiwan yu
Japanese yutaka / ゆたか    yuuhou / yuho / ゆうほう    yuushun / yushun / ゆうしゅん    yuu / yu / ゆう    hiroshi / ひろし    tamotsu / たもつ    susumu / すすむ
Chinese to forgive; to help; profound
Japanese (given name) Yutaka; (personal name) Yuuhou; (given name) Yuushun; (given name) Yuu; (given name) Hiroshi; (given name) Tamotsu; (personal name) Susumu

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Japanese shou / sho / しょう Japanese commander; general; leader; (given name) Masaru; (given name) Masashi; (personal name) Masa; (male given name) Hitoshi; (personal name) Tamotsu; (given name) Tadashi; (given name) Tasuku; (given name) Susumu; (personal name) Shouji; (female given name) Shou; (given name) Akira

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Mandarin wéi / wei2
Taiwan wei
Japanese kore / これ
Chinese -ism; only
Japanese (pronoun) (1) (kana only) this (indicating an item near the speaker, the action of the speaker, or the current topic); (2) (humble language) this person (usu. indicating someone in one's in-group); (3) now; (4) (archaism) here; (5) (archaism) I (me); (6) (archaism) certainly; (female given name) Yui; (given name) Tamotsu; (surname) Tada; (personal name) Kore; (personal name) I
To reflect on; but, only; verbal particle; of. 唯; think

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Mandarin/ fu2
Taiwan fu
Japanese mamoru / まもる    tamotsu / たもつ    tasuku / たすく
Chinese to support with the hand; to help sb up; to support oneself by holding onto something; to help
Japanese (given name) Mamoru; (personal name) Tamotsu; (given name) Tasuku
Aid, support, uphold; to help

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Mandarin chí / chi2
Taiwan ch`ih / chih
Japanese mochitoku / もちとく    mochisaki / もちさき    mochi / もち    tamotsu / たもつ
Chinese to hold; to grasp; to support; to maintain; to persevere; to manage; to run (i.e. administer); to control
Japanese (surname) Mochitoku; (surname) Mochisaki; (personal name) Mochi; (given name) Tamotsu
dhṛ; dhara. Lay hold of, grasp, hold, maintain, keep; control; to verify

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Mandarin yǒu / you3
Taiwan yu
Japanese yuu / yu / ゆう    u / う
Chinese to have; there is; there are; to exist; to be
Japanese (1) existence; (n,n-pref) (2) possession; having; (3) (abbreviation) (See 有限会社) limited company; {Buddh} bhava (becoming, existence); (personal name) Yumi; (personal name) Yutaka; (female given name) Yuuri; (personal name) Yuumi; (given name) Yuushun; (given name) Yuu; (female given name) Nao; (surname, female given name) Tamotsu; (given name) Kuniaki; (female given name) Aru; (personal name) Arifuku; (surname) Arisaki; (surname, female given name) Ari; (female given name) Adzusa
bhāva: that which exists, the existing, existence; to have, possess, be. It is defined as (1) the opposite of 無 wu and 空 kong the non-existent; (2) one of the twelve nidānas, existence; the condition which, considered as cause, produces effect; (3) effect, the consequence of cause; (4) anything that can be relied upon in the visible or invisible realm. It means any state which lies between birth and death, or beginning and end. There are numerous categories— 3, 4, 7, 9, 18, 25, and 29. The 三有 are the 三界 trailokya, i. e. 欲, 色 and 無色界 the realms of desire, of form, and of non-form, all of them realms of mortality; another three are 本有 the present body and mind, or existence, 當有 the future ditto, 中有 the intermediate ditto. Other definitions give the different forms or modes of existence.

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Mandarin dòng / dong4
Taiwan tung
Japanese hora / ほら
Chinese cave; hole; zero (unambiguous spoken form when spelling out numbers); CL:個|个[ge4]
Japanese cave; den; grotto; (surname) Horasaki; (surname) Hora; (surname) Hokora; (surname) Hoga; (surname) Hou; (given name) Haruka; (surname) Hayashi; (surname) Dou; (personal name) Tamotsu; (surname) Utsubo
A hole, cave; to see through, know.

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Mandarin zuò / zuo4
Taiwan tso
Japanese tamotsu / たもつ
Chinese blessing; the throne
Japanese (given name) Tamotsu

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Mandarin shòu / shou4
Taiwan shou
Japanese ju / じゅ
Chinese cord on a seal
Japanese ribbon; cordon; (given name) Tamotsu

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Mandarin wéi / wei2
Taiwan wei
Japanese kore / これ
Chinese to preserve; to maintain; to hold together; dimension; vitamin (abbr. for 維生素|维生素[wei2 sheng1 su4]); abbr. for Uighur 維吾爾|维吾尔[Wei2 wu2 er3]; surname Wei
Japanese (pronoun) (1) (kana only) this (indicating an item near the speaker, the action of the speaker, or the current topic); (2) (humble language) this person (usu. indicating someone in one's in-group); (3) now; (4) (archaism) here; (5) (archaism) I (me); (6) (archaism) certainly; (female given name) Yuki; (surname, female given name) Yui; (female given name) Tsunagu; (given name) Tamotsu; (given name) Tadashi
A carriage-curtain; a net; a corner, cardinal point; to tie or hold together, connect; a copula, also, but, whereas, now; a rope

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Mandarin bǎo / bao3
Taiwan pao
Japanese tamotsu / たもつ    shigeru / しげる
Chinese dense foliage; to cover
Japanese (personal name) Tamotsu; (given name) Shigeru


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Japanese tamotsu(p);motsu(ik) / たもつ(P);もつ(ik) Japanese (transitive verb) (1) to keep; to preserve; to hold; to retain; to maintain; to sustain; (v5t,vi) (2) to last; to endure; to keep well (food term); to wear well; to be durable


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Mandarin tài bǎo / tai4 bao3
Taiwan t`ai pao / tai pao
Japanese taihou / taiho / たいほう    taiho / たいほ
Chinese a very high official in ancient China; juvenile delinquents; Taibao or Taipao city in Chiayi county 嘉義縣|嘉义县[Jia1 yi4 xian4], west Taiwan
Japanese (1) Grand Protector (lowest of the top three civil positions of the Zhou Dynasty); (2) Minister of the Right (official in Nara and Heian periods); (given name) Motoyasu; (personal name) Tamotsu; (given name) Takayasu; (personal name) Taipo-

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