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military strategy
China fēng lín huǒ shān
Japan fuu rin ka zan
Furinkazan Vertical Wall Scroll

風林火山 is the battle strategy and proverb of Japanese feudal lord Takeda Shingen (1521-1573 A.D.).

This came from the Art of War by Chinese strategist and tactician Sun Tzu (Sunzi).

You can think of this as a sort of abbreviation to remind officers and troops how to conduct battle.

風林火山 is literally a word list: Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain.

The more expanded meaning is supposed to be...

"Swift as the wind, quiet as the forest, fierce as fire, and immovable as a mountain"

"As fast as the wind, as quiet as the forest, as daring as fire, and immovable as the mountain"

"Move as swift as the wind, stay as silent as a forest, attack as fierce as fire, undefeatable defense like a mountain"

"Move swiftly like the wind, stay silent like the forest, attack fiercely like fire, take tactical position on the mountain"

See Also:  Art of War

Attack When The Enemy Has Low Morale

China bì qí ruì qì jī qí duò guī
Attack When The Enemy Has Low Morale Vertical Wall Scroll

This Chinese proverb literally translates as: Avoid [your enemy's] fighting spirit [and] attack [when] his [morale is] declining.

Figuratively, this means: Avoid the enemy when his morale is high. and strike him when his morale is flagging.

Value of Warrior Generals

China bīng zài jīng ér bú zài duō jiàng zài móu ér bú zài yǒng
Value of Warrior Generals Vertical Wall Scroll

This literally means: [Just as] soldiers/warriors [are valued for their] quality and not [just] for quantity, [so] generals [are valued] for their tactics, not [just] for [their] bravery.

This is a proverb that follows one about how it is better to have warriors of quality, rather than just a large quantity of warriors in your army/force.

See Also:  兵在精而不在多


Japan ba ju tsu
Bajutsu Vertical Wall Scroll

馬術 (Bajutsu) is a Japanese form of military equestrianism.

Bajutsu involves techniques of swordsmanship, tactical advance, archery and even the care of horses.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin sè // sài // sāi / se4 // sai4 // sai1
Taiwan se // sai
Japanese sai
Chinese to stop up; to stuff; to cope with; strategic pass; tactical border position; to stop up; to squeeze in; to stuff; cork; stopper; Serbia; Serbian; abbr. for 塞爾維亞|塞尔维亚[Sai1 er3 wei2 ya4]
To stop up, block, gag; dull; honest; a barrier, frontier; translit. s; to close



see styles
Mandarin sān yǔ / san1 yu3
Taiwan san yü
Japanese sango
Buddha's three modes of discourse, i.e. without reserve, or the whole truth; tactical or partial, adapting truth to the capacity of his hearers; and a combination of both.


see styles
Japanese gunsai / ぐんさい Japanese (archaism) tactical genius; (given name) Gunsai


see styles
Japanese senjutsukeikaku / senjutsukekaku / せんじゅつけいかく Japanese tactical plan



see styles
Mandarin zhàn shù dǎo dàn / zhan4 shu4 dao3 dan4
Taiwan chan shu tao tan
Chinese tactical missile



see styles
Mandarin hùn hé dú jì / hun4 he2 du2 ji4
Taiwan hun ho tu chi
Chinese tactical mixture of chemical agents


see styles
Japanese senjutsukakuheiki / senjutsukakuheki / せんじゅつかくへいき Japanese tactical nuclear weapon



see styles
Mandarin zhàn shù hé wǔ qì / zhan4 shu4 he2 wu3 qi4
Taiwan chan shu ho wu ch`i / chan shu ho wu chi
Chinese tactical nuclear weapons


see styles
Japanese rikujousakusenhonbu / rikujosakusenhonbu / りくじょうさくせんほんぶ Japanese tactical operations center; tactical operations centre


see styles
Japanese baitarueria / バイタルエリア Japanese (sports) area of a soccer pitch between the penalty area and the centre ring (of tactical importance) (wasei: vital area)


see styles
Japanese senjutsukoukuutouseihan / senjutsukokutosehan / せんじゅつこうくうとうせいはん Japanese tactical air control party


see styles
Japanese baitaru eria / バイタル・エリア Japanese (sports) area of a soccer pitch between the penalty area and the centre ring (of tactical importance) (wasei: vital area)



see styles
Mandarin sān chéng zhēn shí yī chéng fāng biàn / san1 cheng2 zhen1 shi2 yi1 cheng2 fang1 bian4
Taiwan san ch`eng chen shih i ch`eng fang pien / san cheng chen shih i cheng fang pien
Japanese sanjō shinjitsu ichijō hōben
The 三乘家 consider the Triyāna as real, and the "one vehicle" of the Lotus School as merely tactical, or an expedient form of expression; the three vehicles are real and the One Vehicle is an expedient


see styles
Japanese senjutsukoukuutouseihonbu / senjutsukokutosehonbu / せんじゅつこうくうとうせいほんぶ Japanese tactical air control center (centre)


see styles
Japanese baitarueria;baitaru eria / バイタルエリア;バイタル・エリア Japanese {sports} area of a soccer pitch between the penalty area and the centre ring (of tactical importance) (wasei: vital area)

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
fuu rin ka zan
fu rin ka zan
fēng lín huǒ shān
feng1 lin2 huo3 shan1
feng lin huo shan
Attack When The Enemy Has Low Morale避其鋭氣擊其惰歸
bì qí ruì qì jī qí duò guī
bi4 qi2 rui4 qi4 ji1 qi2 duo4 gui1
bi qi rui qi ji qi duo gui
pi ch`i jui ch`i chi ch`i to kuei
pi chi jui chi chi chi to kuei
Value of Warrior Generals兵在精而不在多將在謀而不在勇
bīng zài jīng ér bú zài duō jiàng zài móu ér bú zài yǒng
bing1 zai4 jing1 er2 bu2 zai4 duo1 jiang4 zai4 mou2 er2 bu2 zai4 yong3
bing zai jing er bu zai duo jiang zai mou er bu zai yong
ping tsai ching erh pu tsai to chiang tsai mou erh pu tsai yung
Bajutsu馬術ba ju tsu / bajutsu
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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