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The Nature of Martial Arts

China zì rán wǔ dào
Japan shi zen bu do
The Nature of Martial Arts Vertical Wall Scroll

The first two characters create a word that means nature, natural, or spontaneous. The last two characters are often translated as martial arts.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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Mandarin zì rán / zi4 ran2
Taiwan tzu jan
Japanese shizen / しぜん
The Nature of Martial Arts Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese nature; natural; naturally
Japanese (1) nature; (noun or adjectival noun) (2) natural; spontaneous; (adv,adv-to) (3) naturally; spontaneously; (female given name) Minori; (female given name) Mizuki; (female given name) Neito; (given name) Jinen; (surname, given name) Shizen; (female given name) Kokoro
svayaṃbhū, also 自爾; 法爾 self-existing, the self-existent; Brahmā, Viṣṇu, and others; in Chinese it is 'self-so', so of itself, natural, of course, spontaneous. It also means uncaused existence, certain sects of heretics 自然外道 denying Buddhist cause and effect and holding that things happen spontaneously.



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Mandarin sì chán / si4 chan2
Taiwan ssu ch`an / ssu chan
Japanese shizen
(四禪天) The four dhyāna heavens, 四靜慮 (四靜慮天), i. e. the division of the eighteen brahmalokas into four dhyānas: the disciple attains to one of these heavens according to the dhyāna he observes: (1) 初禪天 The first region, 'as large as one whole universe' comprises the three heavens, Brahma-pāriṣadya, Brahma-purohita, and Mahābrahma, 梵輔, 梵衆, and 大梵天; the inhabitants are without gustatory or olfactory organs, not needing food, but possess the other four of the six organs. (2) 二禪天 The second region, equal to 'a small chiliocosmos' 小千界, comprises the three heavens, according to Eitel, 'Parīttābha, Apramāṇābha, and Ābhāsvara, ' i. e. 少光 minor light, 無量光 infinite light, and 極光淨 utmost light purity; the inhabitants have ceased to require the five physical organs, possessing only the organ of mind. (3) 三禪天 The third region, equal to 'a middling chiliocosmos '中千界, comprises three heavens; Eitel gives them as Parīttaśubha, Apramāṇaśubha, and Śubhakṛtsna, i. e. 少淨 minor purity, 無量淨 infinite purity, and 徧淨 universal purity; the inhabitants still have the organ of mind and are receptive of great joy. (4) 四禪天 The fourth region, equal to a great chiliocosmos, 大千界, comprises the remaining nine brahmalokas, namely, Puṇyaprasava, Anabhraka, Bṛhatphala, Asañjñisattva, Avṛha, Atapa, Sudṛśa, Sudarśana, and Akaniṣṭha (Eitel). The Chinese titles are 福生 felicitous birth, 無雲 cloudless, 廣果 large fruitage, 無煩 no vexations, atapa is 無熱 no heat, sudṛśa is 善見 beautiful to see, sudarśana is 善現 beautiful appearing, two others are 色究竟 the end of form, and 無想天 the heaven above thought, but it is difficult to trace avṛha and akaniṣṭha; the inhabitants of this fourth region still have mind. The number of the dhyāna heavens differs; the Sarvāstivādins say 16, the 經 or Sutra school 17, and the Sthavirāḥ school 18. Eitel points out that the first dhyāna has one world with one moon, one mem, four continents, and six devalokas; the second dhyāna has 1, 000 times the worlds of the first; the third has 1, 000 times the worlds of the second; the fourth dhyāna has 1, 000 times those of the third. Within a kalpa of destruction 壞劫 the first is destroyed fifty-six times by fire, the second seven by water, the third once by wind, the fourth 'corresponding to a state of absolute indifference' remains 'untouched' by all the other evolutions; when 'fate (天命) comes to an end then the fourth dhyāna may come to an end too, but not sooner'.


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Mandarin zhǐ shàn / zhi3 shan4
Taiwan chih shan
Japanese shizen
goodness resulting from the suppression of evil activities


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Mandarin zhì shàn / zhi4 shan4
Taiwan chih shan
Japanese shizen / しぜん
Japanese the highest good; (given name) Shizen
highest good



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Mandarin bù huài sì chán / bu4 huai4 si4 chan2
Taiwan pu huai ssu ch`an / pu huai ssu chan
Japanese fue (no) shizen
The four dhyāna heavens, where the samādhi mind of meditation is indestructible, and the external world is indestructible by the three final catastrophes; four indestructible meditations



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Mandarin liù yù sì chán / liu4 yu4 si4 chan2
Taiwan liu yü ssu ch`an / liu yü ssu chan
Japanese rokuyoku shizen
the six heavens where sexual desire continues, and the four dhyāna heavens of purity above them free from such desire; six desire heavens and four meditation heavens



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Mandarin sì chán jiǔ tiān / si4 chan2 jiu3 tian1
Taiwan ssu ch`an chiu t`ien / ssu chan chiu tien
Japanese shizen kuten
nine heavens of the fourth meditation heaven



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Mandarin sì chán bā dìng / si4 chan2 ba1 ding4
Taiwan ssu ch`an pa ting / ssu chan pa ting
Japanese shizen hachijō
The four dhyānas on the form-realms and the eight concentrations, i. e. four on the form-realms and four on the formless. realms; four meditations and eight concentrations



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Mandarin sǐ chán hé zi / si3 chan2 he2 zi
Taiwan ssu ch`an ho tzu / ssu chan ho tzu
Japanese shizen nasu
Die! monk; dead monk! a term of abuse to, or in regard to, a monk; die, Chan monk


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Japanese shizenkouen / shizenkoen / しぜんこうえん Japanese nature park; natural park; (place-name) Shizen Park



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Mandarin sè jiè sì chán tiān / se4 jie4 si4 chan2 tian1
Taiwan se chieh ssu ch`an t`ien / se chieh ssu chan tien
Japanese shikikai shizen ten
four meditation heavens of the form realm

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
The Nature of Martial Arts自然武道shi zen bu do
zì rán wǔ dào
zi4 ran2 wu3 dao4
zi ran wu dao
tzu jan wu tao

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