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Shinkou Shinko in Chinese / Japanese...

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Shinkou / Shinko

Japan shinkou / shinko
Shinkou / Shinko Vertical Wall Scroll

信耕 is a Japanese surname that can be romanized as Shinkou or Shinko.

信耕 is not the only Japanese Kanji surname that romanize as Shinkou, so make sure it's the right one before you order.

Miyuki / Shinkou / Shinko

Japan miyuki / shinkou
Miyuki / Shinkou / Shinko Vertical Wall Scroll

These Kanji can be a Japanese surname Shinkou or Shinko, and a Japanese female given name Miyuki.

Technically, this means moving a shine to a new location but seldom used in that context.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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Mandarin xìn yǎng / xin4 yang3
Taiwan hsin yang
Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう
Chinese to believe in (a religion); firm belief; conviction
Japanese (noun/participle) (religious) faith; belief; creed; (given name) Shinkou
To believe in and look up to.


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Japanese shinkou;jinkou / shinko;jinko / しんこう;じんこう
Miyuki / Shinkou / Shinko Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese {Shinto} (See 神体) transferring a shintai in a portable shrine, e.g. to another shrine or to a ceremony; (female given name) Miyuki; (place-name) Jinkou; (surname, given name) Shinkou


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Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう Japanese (noun/participle) invasion


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Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう Japanese (noun/participle) harmful military conquest; occupation of other countries


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Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう Japanese (noun/participle) invasion


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Mandarin xìn guāng / xin4 guang1
Taiwan hsin kuang
Japanese nobumitsu / のぶみつ    shinkou / shinko / しんこう
Japanese (surname, given name) Nobumitsu; (given name) Shinkou
light of faith


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Mandarin xìn xíng / xin4 xing2
Taiwan hsin hsing
Japanese nobuyuki / のぶゆき    shinkou / shinko / しんこう    shingyou / shingyo / しんぎょう    shigyou / shigyo / しぎょう
Japanese (surname, given name) Nobuyuki; (given name) Shinkou; (surname, given name) Shingyou; (surname) Shigyou
Believing action; faith and practice. Action resulting from faith in another's teaching, in contrast with 法行 action resulting from direct apprehension of the doctrine; the former is found among the 鈍根, i.e. those of inferior ability, the latter among the 利根, i.e. the mentally acute.


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Mandarin xīn guāng / xin1 guang1
Taiwan hsin kuang
Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう    kokoromitsu / こころみつ
Japanese (surname) Shinkou; (surname) Kokoromitsu
The light from (a Buddha's) mind, or merciful heart, especially that of Amitābha; light from a Buddha's mind



see styles
Mandarin zhèn xīng / zhen4 xing1
Taiwan chen hsing
Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう
Chinese to revive; to revitalize; to invigorate; to re-energize; Zhengxing district of Dandong city 丹東市|丹东市[Dan1 dong1 shi4], Liaoning
Japanese (noun/participle) promotion; encouragement; (place-name) Shinkou


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Mandarin xīn gǎng / xin1 gang3
Taiwan hsin kang
Japanese shinminato / しんみなと    shinkou / shinko / しんこう
Chinese Xingang or Hsinkang township in Chiayi county 嘉義縣|嘉义县[Jia1 yi4 xian4], west Taiwan
Japanese (place-name) Shinminato; (place-name) Shinkou



see styles
Mandarin xīn xīng / xin1 xing1
Taiwan hsin hsing
Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう
Chinese new; up-and-coming; newly developing; rising; Xinxing county in Yunfu 雲浮|云浮[Yun2 fu2], Guangdong; Xinxing or Hsinhsing district of Kaohsiung city 高雄市[Gao1 xiong2 shi4], south Taiwan
Japanese (can be adjective with の) rising; developing; emergent; burgeoning; new; (place-name) Shinkou


see styles
Japanese shinkou;shinko / shinko;shinko / しんこう;しんこ Japanese (See お新香) pickled vegetables; pickles; (female given name) Araka


see styles
Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう Japanese close friendship


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Mandarin shēn hòu / shen1 hou4
Taiwan shen hou
Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう
Chinese deep; profound
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) benevolence; sincere


see styles
Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう Japanese middle of the night; dead of night; midnight


see styles
Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう    shinku / しんく Japanese deep crimson; (female given name) Miko; (female given name) Miku; (female given name) Shinko; (female given name) Shinku


see styles
Mandarin shēn gēng / shen1 geng1
Taiwan shen keng
Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう
Chinese deep plowing; thorough penetration; thorough development (of a market segment etc)
Japanese (noun/participle) deep plowing; deep ploughing; (surname) Fukayasu


see styles
Mandarin shén gōng / shen2 gong1
Taiwan shen kung
Japanese jinguu / jingu / じんぐう    shinkou / shinko / しんこう
Chinese miracle; remarkable feat
Japanese (place-name) Jinguu; (personal name) Shinkou


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Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう Japanese intimacy; friendship; friendly relations


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Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう Japanese friendship; good fellowship; (personal name) Chikayoshi


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Mandarin shēn guāng / shen1 guang1
Taiwan shen kuang
Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう
Japanese aureole (of a Buddhist statue; surrounding the body but not the head); aureola
The glory shining from the person of a Buddha, or Bodhisattva; a halo; an aura



see styles
Mandarin jìn gōng / jin4 gong1
Taiwan chin kung
Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう
Chinese to attack; to assault; to go on the offensive; attack; assault; offense (sports)
Japanese (noun/participle) attack; drive; advance; invasion


see styles
Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう Japanese (noun/participle) sailing on



see styles
Mandarin jìn xíng / jin4 xing2
Taiwan chin hsing
Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう
Chinese to advance; to conduct; underway; in progress; to do; to carry out; to carry on; to execute
Japanese (noun/participle) (1) moving forward (e.g. vehicle); onward movement; (2) advance (work, procedure, etc); advancement; progress; (3) progress (of a disease); disease progression; (4) {music} progression (harmonic, melodic); (given name) Nobuyuki


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Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう Japanese (noun/participle) giving a lecture in the Emperor's presence; lecturing to the emperor



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Mandarin jìn gòng / jin4 gong4
Taiwan chin kung
Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう
Chinese to offer tribute; to pay tribute that a vassal owes to his suzerain
Japanese (noun/participle) paying tribute



see styles
Mandarin zhēn kǒng / zhen1 kong3
Taiwan chen k`ung / chen kung
Japanese mizo / みぞ    mizu / みず    harimedo / はりめど    shinkou / shinko / しんこう
Chinese pinhole
Japanese (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) (1) eye of a needle; (2) hole
A needle's eye: it is as difficult to be reborn as a man as it is to thread a needle on earth by throwing the thread at it from the sky; eye of a needle


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Japanese shinku;shinkou(深紅) / shinku;shinko(深紅) / しんく;しんこう(深紅) Japanese deep crimson


see styles
Japanese medo(針孔);mizo(針孔);mizu;harimedo(針孔);shinkou(針孔)(ok) / medo(針孔);mizo(針孔);mizu;harimedo(針孔);shinko(針孔)(ok) / めど(針孔);みぞ(針孔);みず;はりめど(針孔);しんこう(針孔)(ok) Japanese (1) eye of a needle; (2) (針孔 only) (dialectal) (See 穴・あな・1) hole


see styles
Japanese shinkou / shinko / しんこう Japanese (noun/participle) invasion

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)
信耕shinkou / shinko
shinko / shinko
神幸miyuki / shinkou
miyuki / shinko

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