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Simple Dictionary Definition


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Mandarin sān wǔ / san1 wu3
Taiwan san wu
Japanese misago / みさご    migo / みご    sango / さんご    sanka / さんか    sago / さご
Chinese several; three or five
Japanese (surname) Misago; (surname) Migo; (surname) Sango; (surname) Sanka; (surname) Sago


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Japanese sanka / さんか Japanese three summer months; (female given name) Minatsu; (female given name) Mika


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Japanese sanke / さんけ Japanese (1) three noble families (Kan'in, Kazan'in, and Nakanoin or Koga); (2) (See 御三家・1) three branch Tokugawa families (Owari, Kii, and Mito); (surname) Miya; (surname) Mitsuya; (place-name) Mitsue; (surname) Sanke; (surname) Sanka


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Mandarin sān huǒ / san1 huo3
Taiwan san huo
Japanese sanka
The three fires—desire, hate, and stupidity; v. 三毒.



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Mandarin sān guò / san1 guo4
Taiwan san kuo
Japanese sanka
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition


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Mandarin sān lù / san1 lu4
Taiwan san lu
Japanese sanka / さんか
Chinese Sanlu (brand)
Japanese (surname) Sanka



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Mandarin sǎn xià / san3 xia4
Taiwan san hsia
Japanese sanka / さんか
Chinese under the umbrella of
Japanese affiliated with; under jurisdiction of; under the umbrella


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Japanese sanka / さんか Japanese (n,vs,adj-no) participation


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Mandarin shān xià / shan1 xia4
Taiwan shan hsia
Japanese sanka;yamashita;sange(ok) / さんか;やました;さんげ(ok)
Chinese Yamashita (Japanese surname)
Japanese foot of a mountain; base of a mountain; (surname) Yomashita; (surname) Yamamoto; (surname) Yamanoshita; (surname) Yamashimo; (place-name, surname) Yamashita; (surname) Yamasaki; (place-name) Sange; (place-name) Sanka


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Mandarin shān jiā / shan1 jia1
Taiwan shan chia
Japanese yamaga;sanka / やまが;さんか    sange / さんげ
Japanese mountain villa; house in the mountains; mountain retreat; {Buddh} (See 山外) Mountain School (of Song-period Tiantai Buddhism); (surname) Yanbe; (surname) Yamaya; (surname) Yamabe; (surname) Yamanobe; (surname) Yamanoe; (surname) Yamage; (surname) Yamake; (place-name, surname) Yamaga; (surname) Yamaka; (place-name) Yamae; (surname) Yamauchi; (surname) Yamaie; (surname) San'ya; (surname) Sanbe; (surname) Sanke; (surname) Sanga; (surname) Sanka
The 'mountain school', the ' profounder ' interpretation of Tiantai doctrines developed by 四明 Ssu-ming; v. last entry.


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Japanese sanka;sanwa;sanka / さんか;さんわ;サンカ Japanese group of mountain nomads (in Japan); group of mountain people; the Sanka


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Japanese sanka / さんか Japanese calamity


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Japanese sanka / さんか Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) obstetrics


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Japanese sanka / さんか Japanese song of praise; eulogy; paean; hymn


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Japanese sanka / さんか Japanese song of praise; eulogy; paean; hymn


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Japanese sanka / さんか Japanese song of praise; eulogy; paean; hymn


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Japanese sanka / さんか Japanese acid value


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Japanese sanka / さんか Japanese (noun/participle) {chem} (See 還元・2) oxidation; oxidization


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Japanese sanka / サンカ Japanese group of mountain nomads (in Japan); group of mountain people; the Sanka


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Mandarin sān yīn sān guǒ / san1 yin1 san1 guo3
Taiwan san yin san kuo
Japanese san'in sanka
The three causes produce their three effects: (1) 異熟因異熟果 differently ripening causes produce differently ripening effects, i.e. every developed cause produces its developed effect, especially the effect of the present causes in the next transmigration; (2) 福因福報 blessed deeds produce blessed rewards, now and hereafter; (3) 智因智果 wisdom (now) produces wisdom-fruit (hereafter); three causes and three effects



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Mandarin yùn chù jiè sān kē / yun4 chu4 jie4 san1 ke1
Taiwan yün ch`u chieh san k`o / yün chu chieh san ko
Japanese unshokai sanka
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition


see styles
Japanese sanka / さんか Japanese song of praise; eulogy; paean; hymn

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