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The Name Nihon in Chinese / Japanese...

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China rì běn
Japan nippon / nihon
Japan Vertical Wall Scroll

日本 is the Chinese and Japanese Kanji name for the country of Japan.

日 means sun and 本 means origin. That is how Japan is known as the land of the rising sun (literally the place where the sun originates from).

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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Mandarin rì běn / ri4 ben3
Taiwan jih pen
Japanese nihon(p);nippon / にほん(P);にっぽん
Japan Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese Japan; Japanese
Japanese Japan; (surname) Yamatono; (surname) Yamato; (personal name) Himoto; (surname) Hinomoto; (surname) Nihon; (surname) Nitsupon; (surname) Nippon
Japan. Buddhism was introduced there from Korea in the sixth century, and in the seventh from China.

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Mandarin jì // jǐ / ji4 // ji3
Taiwan chi
Japanese ki / き
Chinese order; discipline; age; era; period; to chronicle; surname Ji; also pr. [Ji4]
Japanese (1) (abbreviation) {geol} period; (2) (abbreviation) (See 日本書紀) Nihon-shoki; (personal name) Motoi; (given name) Hajime; (female given name) Nori; (female given name) Toshi; (female given name) Tsudzuru; (given name) Tadasu; (given name) Tadashi; (female given name) Koto; (surname, female given name) Kino; (surname) Kido; (surname) Kii; (surname) Ki; (female given name) Kaname; (given name) Osamu
To record; regulate; a year, a period (of twelve years).


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Mandarin èr pǐn / er4 pin3
Taiwan erh p`in / erh pin
Japanese nihon
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition


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Japanese nihon / にほん Japanese two (long cylindrical things); (surname) Nimoto; (surname) Nihon'yanagi; (surname) Nihon'yagi


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Japanese nihondaira / にほんだいら Japanese Nihon Plain; (place-name) Nihondaira


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Japanese nihongi / にほんぎ Japanese (See 六国史) Rikkokushi (esp. Nihon-shoki)


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Mandarin ní hóng guó / ni2 hong2 guo2
Taiwan ni hung kuo
Chinese (slang) Japan (loanword from the Japanese word for Japan, "Nihon")


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Mandarin bā qí dà shé / ba1 qi2 da4 she2
Taiwan pa ch`i ta she / pa chi ta she
Japanese yamatanoorochi / やまたのおろち
Chinese Yamata no Orochi, serpent with eight heads and eight tails from mythological section of Nihon Shoki (Chronicles of Japan)
Japanese eight-headed, eight-tailed serpent (in Japanese mythology)


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Japanese nihonkouki / nihonkoki / にほんこうき Japanese (See 六国史) Nihon Kouki (third of the six classical Japanese history texts)


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Japanese nipponkenpou;nihonkenpou / nipponkenpo;nihonkenpo / にっぽんけんぽう;にほんけんぽう Japanese {MA} Nippon Kempo; Nihon Kempo; Japanese martial art



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Mandarin rì běn shū jì / ri4 ben3 shu1 ji4
Taiwan jih pen shu chi
Japanese nihonshoki / にほんしょき
Chinese Nihonshoki or Chronicles of Japan (c. 720) book of mythology and history
Japanese Nihon-shoki (the oldest chronicles of Japan); (personal name) Nihonshoki
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition


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Japanese nihon / にほん Japanese two (long cylindrical things)


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Japanese nihonryouiki / nihonryoiki / にほんりょういき Japanese set of three books of Buddhist stories, written in the late 8th and early 9th century, usually referred to as the Nihon Ryouiki


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Japanese shokunihonkouki / shokunihonkoki / しょくにほんこうき Japanese (See 六国史) Shoku Nihon Kouki (fourth of the six classical Japanese history texts)


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Japanese nihonsandaijitsuroku / にほんさんだいじつろく Japanese (See 六国史) Nihon Sandai Jitsuroku (sixth of the six classical Japanese history texts)



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Mandarin rì běn fàng sòng xié huì / ri4 ben3 fang4 song4 xie2 hui4
Taiwan jih pen fang sung hsieh hui
Chinese NHK (Nihon Hōsō Kyōkai), Japanese national broadcasting company


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Japanese nihonmontokutennoujitsuroku / nihonmontokutennojitsuroku / にほんもんとくてんのうじつろく Japanese (See 文徳実録,六国史) Nihon Montoku Tenno Jitsuroku (fifth of the six classical Japanese history texts)


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Japanese nihongenhouzenakuryouiki / nihongenhozenakuryoiki / にほんげんほうぜんあくりょういき Japanese set of three books of Buddhist stories, written in the late 8th and early 9th century, usually referred to as the Nihon Ryouiki


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Japanese nihonkokugenhouzenakuryouiki / nihonkokugenhozenakuryoiki / にほんこくげんほうぜんあくりょういき Japanese set of three books of Buddhist stories, written in the late 8th and early 9th century, usually referred to as the Nihon Ryouiki

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Japan日本nippon / nihon
nipon / nihon
rì běn / ri4 ben3 / ri ben / ribenjih pen / jihpen

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