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  1. Archangel / Arch Angel
  2. Angel / Messenger of Heaven
  3. Guardian Angel
  4. Fallen Angel
  5. Angel
  6. The Saint
  7. Holy Mother / Saint Mary
  8. Holy Man / Saint
  9. Protection
10. God Bless You / May God Protect You
11. Blessings and Protection
12. Protector

Archangel / Arch Angel

China dà tiān shǐ
Japan dai ten shi
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Arch<mark>angel</mark> / Arch <mark>Angel</mark>

This is the title Archangel in Chinese characters, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

The first character means big or great (in this case, it means "arch").
The second means heaven (or sky).
The last means messenger.

The second and third characters together make the title for angel, which is literally "Heaven's Messenger".

This title would be understood as "The Chief of all Angels", or "The Great Angel". Some might even say it's the boss of Angels.

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Angel / Messenger of Heaven

China tiān shǐ
Japan ten shi
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<mark>Angel</mark> / Messenger of Heaven

This is the meaning of Angel in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

The first character means heaven. The second means messenger. Together it makes sense that we are talking about angels as Heaven's Messengers.

If you are an "Angel Junkie", this may be the wall scroll for you.
I also think it's a great choice if your name happens to be Angel.

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Guardian Angel

China shǒu hù tiān shǐ
Japan syu go ten shi
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Guardian <mark>Angel</mark>

This is the title used for guardian angel in Chinese and Japanese Kanji. It's used in the same way that we use this title in the west - such as a guardian angel watching out for you, and allowing you to survive a disaster or accident.

The first two characters mean to guard and protect. The second two mean "angel" (literally "Heaven's messenger").

Fallen Angel

Japan datenshi
ribbon top
Fallen <mark>Angel</mark>

This is the Japanese title for a fallen angel.

This can also refer to a demon or Satan.


(Name Version 1)
China ān qí ér
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This is the most common transliteration to Mandarin Chinese for the name Angel.
It is supposed to sound like Angel, but to be honest, this one misses the mark.

I would go with the meaning of Angel if I were you.


(Name - Version 2)
China ān hè ěr
ribbon top

This is another common transliteration to Mandarin Chinese for the name Angel. This one misses the mark too - It uses a hard "H" sound to simulate the "J" sound of the "G" in this name. I don't know who transliterated these first and how it became the standard.
Again, I recommend using the meaning of Angel above.

If anything, this is the more masculine form of Angel. This is also the form commonly used for the masculine Latin name Ángel.


Japanese Katakana
Japan anheru
ribbon top

This is the name Angel written in Katakana (phonetic Japanese). This sounds like "Angel", but does not mean "Angel".

This name is written in Katakana, a specifically-Japanese character set.
This selection MUST be written by our Japanese master calligrapher
(sorry, no economy calligraphy service/pricing for this selection).

The Saint

(single character)
China shèng
Japan sei
ribbon top
The Saint

This is the simple, single-character religious form of "saint" in Chinese (also holds same meaning in Japanese and Korean, though rarely used alone like this).

This can also mean: holy, sage, master, or priest.
Note: This character is often used in compound words (words of more than one character) to create further meanings. In compounds, it can mean holy, sacred or divine.

This character is also used as the first word for Spanish and English place names such as "San Diego" and "St. Louis" in Chinese (not Japanese).

In Buddhist context, this can represent ārya or sādhu. And mean a sage; wise and good; upright, or correct in all his character; sacred, holy, or saintly.

The Saint

China shèng zhě
Japan seija
ribbon top
The Saint

This is the religious way to express the idea of "Saint" in Chinese, Korean Hanja and Japanese Kanji. Some may translate this as "Holy man" or "Holy person".

Holy Mother / Saint Mary

China shèng mǔ
Japan seibo
ribbon top
Holy Mother / Saint Mary

This is the title for the Holy Mother, Madonna, or Virgin Mary as used by Catholic Chinese, Korean, and Japanese people. I think this would be a very cool wall scroll for a devout Catholic who also appreciates Asian artwork and language.

Note: Koreans often put a third character after these two which creates a title that means "Hail Mary", however, this character is not added, or used in the same way in Japanese or Chinese. If you want that Korean title, just let me know, and we'll add that character for you. The two-character title shown to the left is universal, so I think it's the best choice.

Holy Man / Saint

China shèng rén
Japan seijin
ribbon top
Holy Man / Saint

This can mean saint, sage, or holy man.

Note: There is more than one way to express this idea. This one really matches "Holy man" because the second character means "human" or "person" (therefore, this could equally mean "Holy woman").


China bì hù
Japan hi go
ribbon top

This is not the most common word for a wall scroll, but this is the word for protection in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

This is the non-religious, non-superstitious form of protection.

This word can be translated as shelter, shield, defend, safeguard, take under one's wing, to put under protection. In certain context, it means to grant asylum or give refuge and sanctuary.

See Also...  Guardian Angel

God Bless You / May God Protect You

China shàng dì bǎo yòu
ribbon top
God Bless You / May God Protect You

This is a blessing exchanged between Chinese Christians.

The first two characters literally mean God (The God of Zion). The second two characters express the idea of giving protection. Another way to translate this is "May God protect you".

See Also...  Guardian Angel

Blessings and Protection

China bǎo yòu
ribbon top
Blessings and Protection

This is the more religious and sometimes superstitious word for protection in Chinese. It's sort of a blessing of protection, and is often translated as "bless and protect", "blessing", or "to bless".

This would be used the protection or blessing that a deity (such as God) would bestow upon you. It is not religion-specific in the same way that a language itself cannot be specific to any religion.

祐Note: Sometimes the second character is written in the form shown to the right. Let us know if you have a preference when you place your order.

See Also...  Guardian Angel


China bǎo hù zhě
Japan hogosha
ribbon top

This is the universal word for protector in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

The first character means to defend, to protect, to insure or guarantee, to maintain, hold or keep, or to guard.

The second character means to protect.

Together the first and second characters create a word that means to defend, to protect, or to safeguard.

The last character means person.

Add all three characters together, and you have a word that means "protector", one who will protect, guard, and keep you safe.

Some will also translate this word as guardian or patron.

Note: Not a common selection for a wall scroll in Asia.

See Also...  Guardian Angel

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The following table is only helpful for those studying Chinese (or Japanese), and perhaps helps search engines to find this page when someone enters Romanized Chinese or Japanese

Romaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Archangel / Arch Angel大天使
dai ten shi
dà tiān shǐ
da tian shi
ta t`ien shih
da4 tian1 shi3
ta tien shih
Angel / Messenger of Heaven天使
ten shi
tiān shǐ
tian shi
t`ien shih
tian1 shi3
tien shih
Guardian Angel守护天使
syu go ten shi
shǒu hù tiān shǐ
shou hu tian shi
shou hu t`ien shih
shou3 hu4 tian1 shi3
shou hu tien shih
Fallen Angel堕天使
n/aān qí ér
an qi er
an ch`i erh
an1 qi2 er2
an chi erh
n/aān hè ěr
an he er
an ho erh
an1 he4 er3
The Saint
The Saint圣者
seijashèng zhě
sheng zhe
sheng che
sheng4 zhe3
Holy Mother / Saint Mary圣母
seiboshèng mǔ
sheng mu
sheng4 mu3
Holy Man / Saint圣人
seijinshèng rén
sheng ren
sheng jen
sheng4 ren2
hi go
bì hù
bi hu
pi hu
bi4 hu4
God Bless You / May God Protect You上帝保佑
n/ashàng dì bǎo yòu
shang di bao you
shang ti pao yu
shang4 di4 bao3 you4
Blessings and Protection保佑
保佑 / 保祐
n/abǎo yòu
bao you
pao yu
bao3 you4
hogoshabǎo hù zhě
bao hu zhe
pao hu che
bao3 hu4 zhe3

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