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Month of March in Chinese / Japanese...

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Month of March

Third Month of the Year
China sān yuè
Japan mitsuki / sangatsu
Month of March

三月 is the Chinese, Japanese, and Chinese way to write the month of March.

This literally reads as "third month" or "third moon."


Japan hi / nichi

日 is how to write "day" in Chinese, Japanese and Korean Hanja.

This can also mean "Sun," the star in the middle of the Solar system in which we live. In Japanese, it can also mean "sunshine" or even "Sunday."

When writing the date in modern Chinese and Japanese, putting a number in front of this character indicates the day of the month. Of course, you need to indicate the month too... The month is expressed with a number followed by the character for the moon. So "three moons ten suns" would be "March 10th" or "3/10."

Note: 日 is also the first character for the proper name of Japan. Remember that Japan is "The land of the rising sun"? Well, the first character for Japan means "sun" the second means "origin" so you get the real meaning now. Sometimes, in China, this sun character can be a short name for Japan or a suffix for something of or from Japan.

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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Mandarin sān yuè / san1 yue4
Taiwan san yüeh
Japanese yayoi やよい
 mizuki みづき
 mitsutsuki みつつき
 mitsuki みつき
 maachi / machi まあち
 satsuki さつき
Chinese March; third month (of the lunar year)
Japanese three months; (adverbial noun) March; (female given name) Yayoi; (female given name) Midzuki; (surname) Mitsutsuki; (female given name) Mitsuki; (female given name) Maachi; (female given name) Satsuki
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Month of March

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Mandarin mǎo / mao3
Taiwan mao
Japanese bou / bo ぼう
 shigeru しげる
 shige しげ
 akira あきら
Chinese mortise (slot cut into wood to receive a tenon); 4th earthly branch: 5-7 a.m., 2nd solar month (6th March-4th April), year of the Rabbit; ancient Chinese compass point: 90° (east); variant of 鉚|铆[mao3]; to exert one's strength
Japanese fourth sign of Chinese zodiac (The Hare, 5am-7am, east, February); (personal name) Bou; (male given name) Shigeru; (personal name) Shige; (personal name) U; (given name) Akira

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Mandarin yín / yin2
Taiwan yin
Japanese fusa ふさ
 toraji とらじ
 tora とら
 susumu すすむ
 in いん
Chinese 3rd earthly branch: 3-5 a.m., 1st solar month (4th February-5th March), year of the Tiger; ancient Chinese compass point: 60°
Japanese third sign of Chinese zodiac (The Tiger, 3am-5am, east-northeast, January); (surname) Fusa; (personal name) Toraji; (surname) Tora; (given name) Susumu; (personal name) I

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Mandarin chén / chen2
Taiwan ch`en / chen
Japanese yoshi よし
 noburu のぶる
 tatsumasa たつまさ
 tatsuji たつじ
 tatsusaki たつさき
 tatsu たつ
 jin じん
 shin しん
Chinese 5th earthly branch: 7-9 a.m., 3rd solar month (5th April-4th May), year of the Dragon; ancient Chinese compass point: 120°
Japanese fifth sign of Chinese zodiac (The Dragon, 7am-9am, east-southeast, March); (given name) Yoshi; (given name) Noburu; (personal name) Tatsumasa; (personal name) Tatsuji; (surname) Tatsusaki; (surname, female given name) Tatsu; (personal name) Jin; (given name) Shin
Hour; time; the celestial bodies.

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Japanese sangatsujin さんがつじん
Japanese last day of March; last day of the third lunar month (marking the end of spring)

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Mandarin zhì dá luō / zhi4 da2 luo1
Taiwan chih ta lo
Japanese Seitanra
Caitra, the spring month in which the full moon is in this constellation, i. e. Virgo or 角; M. W. gives it as March-April, in China it is the first month of spring from the 16th of the first moon to the 15th of the second. Also idem 制多 caitya; (Skt. Caitra)

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Mandarin dá luō xǐ / da2 luo1 xi3
Taiwan ta lo hsi
Caitra-māsa, tr. as the 正月 or first month; M. W. gives March-April.

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Mandarin pō lēi jù nà / po1 lei1 ju4 na4
Taiwan p`o lei chü na / po lei chü na
Japanese Haroguna
(or 頗勒窶拏) Phālguna, the twelfth month in India (February-March).

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Mandarin pǒ luō yú nà xǐ / po3 luo1 yu2 na4 xi3
Taiwan p`o lo yü na hsi / po lo yü na hsi
叵勒拏; 頗攞遇捉; 頗勒窶拏 phālgunamāsa, the twelfth month; M. W. says February-March, the month, māsa, of the Nakṣatra Phālgunī.

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Month of March 三月mitsuki / sangatsusān yuè / san1 yue4 / san yue / sanyue san yüeh / sanyüeh
Day hi / nichirì / ri4 / ri jih

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