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Mitsu in Chinese / Japanese...

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Honey / Nectar

Japan mitsu
Honey / Nectar Vertical Wall Scroll

蜜 is the simplest way to write "honey" in Chinese, old Korean Hanja, and Japanese Kanji.

This can also be the female given name "Mitsu" in Japanese.


Japan mitsu
Secret Vertical Wall Scroll

This can mean: secret; secrecy; confidential; quiet; still; esoteric. As a piece of calligraphy artwork, it will be read with this secret or secrecy meaning.

When used in the context between people, this can mean: close; close together; intimate; closed in.

When referring to materials or objects, it can refer to: thickness; density; thick; dense; fine; small.

In Chinese, this can be the surname Mi.
In Japanese, this can be the name Mitsu.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin guāng / guang1
Taiwan kuang
Japanese hikari / ひかり
Secret Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese light; ray; CL:道[dao4]; bright; only; merely; to use up
Japanese (1) light; (2) illumination; ray; beam; gleam; glow; (3) happiness; hope; (4) influence; power; (5) vision; eyesight; (female given name) Rei; (female given name) Ruka; (female given name) Mitsuru; (personal name) Mitsumune; (personal name) Mitsutsugu; (personal name) Mitsuji; (personal name) Mitsushi; (surname) Mitsuzaki; (female given name) Mitsu; (given name) Hiroshi; (surname, female given name) Hikaru; (surname) Hikarizaki; (p,s,f) Hikari; (given name) Teru; (female given name) Tekari; (female given name) Sakae; (personal name) Kousou; (personal name) Kouji
光明 prabha, light, brightness, splendour, to illuminate.

see styles
Mandarin/ mi4
Taiwan mi
Japanese mitsu / みつ
Secret Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese secret; confidential; close; thick; dense; surname Mi; name of an ancient state
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) (1) density; thickness; (2) secrecy; (3) minute; fine; (4) (abbreviation) {Buddh} (See 密教・みっきょう) esoteric Buddhism; secret Buddhist teachings; (surname, female given name) Mitsu; (female given name) Hisoka; (female given name) Takashi; (given name) Shizuka
Closed in; close together; intimate; quiet, still; secret, occult, esoteric; fine, small; contrasted with 顯 open, exoteric. Cf. 祕.

see styles
Mandarin/ mi4
Taiwan mi
Japanese mitsu(p);michi(ok) / みつ(P);みち(ok)
Secret Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese honey
Japanese (1) nectar; (2) honey; (3) honeydew; (4) treacle; molasses; (5) sorbitol (when visible as dark patches inside an apple); (female given name) Mitsu
Honey; translit. m.

see styles
Mandarin sān / san1
Taiwan san
Japanese san / サン
Chinese three; 3; surname San
Japanese (numeric) three (chi: sān); (personal name) Miyoshi; (place-name) Mimura; (personal name) Mitsuji; (surname) Mitsuzaki; (surname) Mitsusaki; (personal name) Mitsugi; (female given name) Mitsu; (given name) Mitaru; (surname) Misugi; (surname) Misaki; (place-name) Mi; (given name) Zou; (personal name) Sanji; (surname, given name) San
Tri, trayas; three.

see styles
Mandarin/ ge4
Taiwan ko
Japanese tsu / つ    ji / ぢ    chi / ち    ko / こ    ka / か
Chinese individual; this; that; size; classifier for people or objects in general
Japanese (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) (counter) (kana only) counter for the hito-futa-mi counting system (forming hitotsu, futatsu, mitsu, and misoji, yasoji, etc.); (counter) (1) counter for articles; (2) counter for military units; (3) individual; (counter) counter for the ichi-ni-san counting system (usu. directly preceding the item being counted); a noun read using its on-yomi

see styles
Mandarin chōng / chong1
Taiwan ch`ung / chung
Japanese munezawa / むねざわ    muneki / むねき    mitsuru / みつる    mitsuki / みつき    mitsu / みつ    michiru / みちる    michi / みち    makoto / まこと    takashi / たかし    souji / soji / そうじ    soushichi / soshichi / そうしち    juu / ju / じゅう    shuumi / shumi / しゅうみ    shuuji / shuji / しゅうじ    atsuru / あつる    atsushi / あつし
Chinese to fill; to satisfy; to fulfill; to act in place of; substitute; sufficient; full
Japanese (personal name) Munezawa; (personal name) Muneki; (m,f) Mitsuru; (female given name) Mitsuki; (female given name) Mitsu; (female given name) Michiru; (female given name) Michi; (given name) Makoto; (given name) Takashi; (personal name) Souji; (personal name) Soushichi; (given name) Juu; (personal name) Shuumi; (personal name) Shuuji; (given name) Atsuru; (personal name) Atsushi
to fill

see styles
Mandarin yuán / yuan2
Taiwan yüan
Japanese maru / まる    en / えん
Chinese yen (Japanese currency); Japanese variant of 圓|圆
Japanese (1) circle; (n,n-pref) (2) entirety; whole; full; complete; (3) (slang) money; dough; moola; (4) enclosure inside a castle's walls; (5) (ksb:) soft-shelled turtle; (suffix) (6) suffix for ship names; suffix for names of people (esp. infants); suffix for names of swords, armour, musical instruments, etc.; suffix for names of dogs, horses, etc.; (1) yen; Japanese monetary unit; (2) circle; (female given name) Meguru; (female given name) Mitsu; (given name) Maroshi; (female given name) Maroka; (surname, given name) Maru; (surname, female given name) Madoka; (female given name) Nodoka; (surname, female given name) Tsubura; (surname, female given name) En

see styles
Japanese iyoyo / いよよ    iyo / いよ    iya / いや Japanese (adverb) (archaism) more and more; increasingly; (adverb) (1) (archaism) more and more; increasingly; (2) (archaism) extremely; very; (given name) Wataru; (given name) Watari; (female given name) Yayoi; (given name) Yasushi; (surname) Ya; (given name) Mitsu; (personal name) Bi; (given name) Hiroshi; (female given name) Hiro; (given name) Hisashi; (female given name) Iyo; (female given name) Amane; (given name) Atsushi

see styles
Mandarin cái / cai2
Taiwan ts`ai / tsai
Japanese sai / さい
Chinese ability; talent; sb of a certain type; a capable individual; only; only then; just now
Japanese (1) ability; gift; talent; aptitude; genius; (2) sai; traditional unit of volume, approx. 1.8 ml; (given name) Mitsu; (surname) Saisaki; (surname, female given name) Sai; (surname) Kashiko; (female given name) Arusu

see styles
Mandarin mǎn / man3
Taiwan man
Japanese man / まん
Chinese Japanese variant of 滿|满
Japanese (n,pref) (1) full (years, etc.); (2) whole; all; (3) fully enough; not lacking; (4) (abbreviation) (See 満州) Manchuria; (personal name) Minoru; (m,f) Mitsuru; (surname) Mitsuzaki; (surname) Mitsu; (female given name) Michiru; (personal name) Michi; (female given name) Man

see styles
Mandarin yíng / ying2
Taiwan ying
Japanese mitsuru / みつる    mitsu / みつ    michiru / みちる    shioneri / しおねり    ei / e / えい
Chinese full; filled; surplus
Japanese (surname, given name) Mitsuru; (given name) Mitsu; (personal name) Michiru; (personal name) Shioneri; (personal name) Ei

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Mandarin/ ge4
Taiwan ko
Japanese tsu / つ    chi / ぢ    ji / ち    ko / じ    ka / こ
Chinese variant of 個|个[ge4]
Japanese (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) (counter) (kana only) counter for the hito-futa-mi counting system (forming hitotsu, futatsu, mitsu, and misoji, yasoji, etc.); (counter) (1) counter for articles; (2) counter for military units; (3) individual; (counter) counter for the ichi-ni-san counting system (usu. directly preceding the item being counted); a noun read using its on-yomi
Each, every.

see styles
Mandarin kūn / kun1
Taiwan k`un / kun
Japanese mitsu / みつ
Chinese pants (old)
Japanese (1) T-shaped section of a loincloth; (2) {sumo} (See 回し・まわし・1) mawashi


see styles
Japanese mitsu / みつ Japanese (female given name) Mitsu


see styles
Japanese mitsu / みつ    mittsu / みっつ Japanese (numeric) three


see styles
Japanese mitsu / みつ Japanese (v5t,vi) (1) to be full; (2) to wax (e.g. moon); (3) to rise (e.g. tide); (4) to mature; to expire


see styles
Mandarin mì fù / mi4 fu4
Taiwan mi fu
Japanese mitsu ni fusu
To pass down esoterically, or by word of mouth; esoteric transmission


see styles
Mandarin mì yǒu / mi4 you3
Taiwan mi yu
Japanese mitsu-u
mysterious existence


see styles
Mandarin wèi tōng / wei4 tong1
Taiwan wei t`ung / wei tung
Japanese mitsū
has not perceived


see styles
Japanese mitsu / みつ Japanese (v5t,vi) (1) to be full; (2) to wax (e.g. moon); (3) to rise (e.g. tide); (4) to mature; to expire


see styles
Mandarin gān lù mì / gan1 lu4 mi4
Taiwan kan lu mi
Japanese kanro mitsu
ambrosia and honey


see styles
Japanese tsu;chi(ok);ji(ok);ji(箇)(ok) / つ;ち(ok);ぢ(ok);じ(箇)(ok) Japanese (counter) (kana only) counter for the hito-futa-mi counting system (forming hitotsu, futatsu, mitsu, and misoji, yasoji, etc.)


see styles
Japanese mitsu / みつ Japanese (v5t,vi) (1) (See 満ちる) to be full; (2) to wax (e.g. moon); (3) to rise (e.g. tide); (4) to mature; to expire


see styles
Japanese mittsu(p);mitsu / みっつ(P);みつ Japanese (numeric) three


see styles
Japanese booi miitsu gaaru / booi mitsu garu / ボーイ・ミーツ・ガール Japanese (expression) boy meets girl


see styles
Japanese booimiitsugaaru;booi miitsu gaaru / booimitsugaru;booi mitsu garu / ボーイミーツガール;ボーイ・ミーツ・ガール Japanese (expression) boy meets girl

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mitsumì / mi4 / mi
Secretmitsumì / mi4 / mi

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