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I Am Gay in Chinese / Japanese...

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Gay Pride

China tóng xìng liàn zì háo gǎn
Gay Pride Vertical Wall Scroll

Gay Pride is kind of a new idea in China. In fact, it's so new, that we may have just started the movement by translating this phrase.

If they ever do start having gay pride parades in China, my best guess is that these 6 characters will constitute the term they use to title the parade / movement.

Who knows, maybe in 10 years they will have a pride parade march straight past Tian'anmen Square on Chang An Street (the main drag in Beijing).

Homosexual / Gay

China tóng xìng liàn
Homosexual / Gay Vertical Wall Scroll

A great way to tell your Chinese friends about your lifestyle, while keeping your Anglo friends in the dark.

Kind of a huge bold sign to say "I'm Gay" without anybody knowing.

同性戀 literally mean "same sex feeling" or "same sex affection" in Chinese.

Homosexual / Gay

China tóng xìng ài
Japan douseiai
Homosexual / Gay Vertical Wall Scroll

A great way to tell your Japanese friends about your lifestyle, while keeping your Anglo friends in the dark.

Kind of a huge bold sign to say "I'm Gay" without anybody knowing.

These Kanji characters literally mean "same sex love." This phrase would also be understood in Chinese but this combination would act to really emphasize the "love" component to a native Chinese person.

Homosexual Male / Gay Male

China nán tóng xìng liàn
Homosexual Male / Gay Male Vertical Wall Scroll

You just need the male character in front of the word for homosexual in Chinese to create this word.

It's a much nicer way to say "Gay Male" than English words like Fag, Fairy, Sissy, Puff, Poof, Poofster, Swish or Pansy. Although I suppose it could be used as a substitute for Nancy Boy or Queen (for which last time I checked, my gay friends said were OK in the right context).

For those of you who think China is a restrictive society - there are at least two gay discos in Beijing, the capital of China. It's at least somewhat socially acceptable to be a gay male in China. However, lesbians seem to be shunned a bit.

I think the Chinese government has realized that the 60% male population means not everybody is going to find a wife (every gay male couple that exists means two more women in the population are available for the straight guys), and the fact that it is biologically impossible for men to give birth, may be seen as helping to decrease the over-population in China.


China píng děng
Japan byou dou
Equality Vertical Wall Scroll

In Chinese, this is the word used to describe equality among all humans.

Yes, this is the equality that means equality no matter of religion, whether you are rich or poor, gay or straight, black white or yellow.

In Japanese and Korean, this can be defined as equality, impartiality, evenness (basically the same as the Chinese meaning).

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin chūn / chun1
Taiwan ch`un / chun
Japanese haru / はる
Equality Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese spring (season); gay; joyful; youthful; love; lust; life; surname Chun
Japanese (n-adv,n-t) (1) spring; springtime; (2) New Year; (3) prime (of one's life, etc.); (4) adolescence; puberty; (5) sexuality; (personal name) Haruji; (surname) Harusaki; (female given name) Haru; (female given name) Hajime; (given name) Nagoshi; (female given name) Toki; (personal name) Chiyun; (given name) Shunmin; (female given name) Shun; (female given name) Kazu; (female given name) Azuma



see styles
Mandarin tóng xìng liàn / tong2 xing4 lian4
Taiwan t`ung hsing lien / tung hsing lien
Chinese homosexuality; gay person; gay love

see styles
Mandarin/ ji1
Taiwan chi
Japanese motoi / もとい    ki / き
Chinese base; foundation; basic; radical (chemistry); (slang) gay
Japanese (1) (archaism) basis; foundation; (2) cause; (1) {chem} (See 官能基) group; (2) (See 遊離基) (free) radical; (counter) (3) counter for installed or mounted objects (e.g. stone lanterns, gravestones, satellites); (personal name) Motoji; (male given name) Motoshi; (given name) Motoki; (personal name) Motoe; (surname, female given name) Motoi; (given name) Moto; (given name) Mingi; (given name) Minki; (given name) Hajime; (personal name) Hajimu; (given name) Gi; (surname, given name) Ki; (person) Kuiji (632-682); (given name) Osamu


see styles
Japanese gei / ge / ゲイ Japanese gay person (esp. male); (personal name) Gay; Gaye


see styles
Japanese gee / ゲー Japanese (n-suf,n) (1) (abbreviation) (See ゲーム) video game; (2) {music} sol; so; G; (3) (See ゲイ) gay; (n-pr) (4) (See ガイア) Gaia (Greek goddess); Gaea; Ge; (surname) Ge


see styles
Japanese tachi / タチ Japanese (colloquialism) (often abbr. 凸 on gay SNS sites) (See 攻め・2,受け・5) (ant: 猫・6) dominant partner of a homosexual relationship; (personal name) Tati


see styles
Mandarin jī lǎo / ji1 lao3
Taiwan chi lao
Chinese (slang) gay guy


see styles
Mandarin jī yǒu / ji1 you3
Taiwan chi yu
Japanese mototomo / もととも
Chinese (slang) very close same-sex friend; gay partner
Japanese (personal name) Mototomo


see styles
Mandarin jī qíng / ji1 qing2
Taiwan chi ch`ing / chi ching
Chinese (slang) bromance; gay love


see styles
Mandarin pì jīng / pi4 jing1
Taiwan p`i ching / pi ching
Chinese (slang) gay; sissy; poof; abbr. for 馬屁精|马屁精[ma3 pi4 jing1]



see styles
Mandarin wān nán / wan1 nan2
Taiwan wan nan
Chinese gay guy


see styles
Mandarin xíng hūn / xing2 hun1
Taiwan hsing hun
Chinese sham marriage, esp. a marriage between a gay man and a lesbian arranged in response to parental expectations of a conventional marriage; abbr. for 形式婚姻



see styles
Mandarin bāi wān / bai1 wan1
Taiwan pai wan
Chinese to bend; (slang) to turn a straight person gay


see styles
Mandarin bāi zhí / bai1 zhi2
Taiwan pai chih
Chinese to straighten; (slang) to turn a gay person straight



see styles
Mandarin huān lè / huan1 le4
Taiwan huan le
Japanese kanraku
Chinese gaiety; gladness; glee; merriment; pleasure; happy; joyous; gay
to totally enjoy


see styles
Japanese hade / はで Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) showy; loud; gay; flashy; gaudy


see styles
Mandarin nán tóng / nan2 tong2
Taiwan nan t`ung / nan tung
Chinese gay guy (coll.)


see styles
Japanese hatten / はってん Japanese (noun/participle) (1) development; growth; expansion; extension; flourishing; (2) development (of a situation, story, etc.); advancement; progression; unfolding; (3) (recently often associated with gay sex) (See 発展場) playing around; having an active sex life; (place-name) Hatten



see styles
Mandarin hóng zhuāng / hong2 zhuang1
Taiwan hung chuang
Chinese splendid gay female clothing


see styles
Mandarin měi líng / mei3 ling2
Taiwan mei ling
Japanese meirin / merin / めいりん    mirei / mire / みれい    misuzu / みすず    miaki / みあき    birei / bire / びれい
Chinese Meiling (female name); Zhou Meiling 周美玲[Zhou1 Mei3 ling2] (1969-), Taiwanese gay film director
Japanese (female given name) Meirin; (female given name) Mirei; (female given name) Misuzu; (personal name) Miaki; (female given name) Birei



see styles
Mandarin piāo piāo / piao1 piao1
Taiwan p`iao p`iao / piao piao
Japanese hyouhyou / hyohyo / ひょうひょう
Chinese to float about; to flutter (in the breeze); (dialect) gay guy; (Tw) ghost
Japanese (adv-to,adv) (1) whistling (of the wind); blowing; (2) fluttering (in the wind); waving; flapping; flying; (3) tottering; staggering; (4) aimlessly; wandering about; roaming; (5) aloof from the world; easygoing; transcendental; detached


see styles
Japanese okoge / おコゲ Japanese (1) burnt rice; scorched rice; crispy rice at bottom of cooking pan; (2) woman who hangs out with gay men


see styles
Japanese okoge / おこげ Japanese (1) burnt rice; scorched rice; crispy rice at bottom of cooking pan; (2) woman who hangs out with gay men


see styles
Japanese urisen / ウリせん Japanese (1) male prostitute; rent boy; rentboy; (2) gay brothel


see styles
Japanese fuyajou / fuyajo / ふやじょう Japanese nightless gay quarters; nightless city


see styles
Japanese douseikon / dosekon / どうせいこん Japanese (See 同性結婚) same-sex marriage; gay marriage


see styles
Japanese urisen / うりせん Japanese (1) male prostitute; rent boy; rentboy; (2) gay brothel


see styles
Japanese okoge / おこげ Japanese (1) burnt rice; scorched rice; crispy rice at bottom of cooking pan; (2) woman who hangs out with gay men


see styles
Mandarin xìng qǔ xiàng / xing4 qu3 xiang4
Taiwan hsing ch`ü hsiang / hsing chü hsiang
Chinese sexual orientation (e.g. gay)


see styles
Mandarin xìng zhǐ xiàng / xing4 zhi3 xiang4
Taiwan hsing chih hsiang
Chinese sexual orientation (e.g. gay)

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Gay Pride同性戀自豪感
tóng xìng liàn zì háo gǎn
tong2 xing4 lian4 zi4 hao2 gan3
tong xing lian zi hao gan
t`ung hsing lien tzu hao kan
tung hsing lien tzu hao kan
tóng xìng liàn
tong2 xing4 lian4
tong xing lian
t`ung hsing lien
tung hsing lien
douseiai / doseiaitóng xìng ài
tong2 xing4 ai4
tong xing ai
t`ung hsing ai
tung hsing ai
Homosexual Male
Gay Male
nán tóng xìng liàn
nan2 tong2 xing4 lian4
nan tong xing lian
nan t`ung hsing lien
nan tung hsing lien
Equality平等byou dou / byoudou / byo do / byodopíng děng
ping2 deng3
ping deng
p`ing teng
ping teng
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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