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China qiān lǐ yǎn
Japan sen ri gan
Clairvoyance Vertical Wall Scroll

千里眼 is the Chinese word and Japanese Kanji for clairvoyance.


China gān qián
Japan ken
Qian Vertical Wall Scroll

This can be the Chinese ancient surname Gan or current surname Qian. In Japanese, it can be the surname Nukui, Susumu, Ken, Kan, Kawaki, Kawai, Inute, or Inui.

The meaning of this character varies a lot depending on context. These meanings include dry, clean, foster, adoptive, heaven, male, masculine, enduring, or continual.

The "Gan" version of this character was converted to Simplified Chinese as 干 in 1965. However, the "Qian" pronunciation is not associated with 干. Though to add to the confusion, there is an unrelated Simplified Chinese character 千 that romanizes as "Qian" and is also a surname.

Nguyen / Ruan

China ruǎn
HK jyun
Japan Min / Gen
Nguyen / Ruan Vertical Wall Scroll

阮 / 阮 is the original Chinese character that represented the Vietnamese surname Nguyễn before Vietnam stopped using Chinese characters and romanized their language. It is probably the most common surname in all of Vietnam. While romanized as Nguyen, it sounds more like the English word "Win" or "When." 阮 / 阮 can also represent the Nguyen Dynasty in Vietnam which lasted from 1802 to 1945.

阮 / 阮 is also the Chinese surname Ruan, most Chinese with this surname have ancestors from a small state named Ruan during the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 BC) located in the southeast of modern-day Gansu Province.

In Japanese, this can be the rare surnames pronounced Min, Gen, Ken, Gan, or En.

Besides a surname, this character also represents an ancient musical instrument.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin gān // qián / gan1 // qian2
Taiwan kan // ch`ien / kan // chien
Japanese ken / けん
Chinese dry; clean; in vain; dried food; foster; adoptive; to ignore; surname Gan; one of the Eight Trigrams 八卦[ba1 gua4], symbolizing heaven; male principle; ☰; ancient Chinese compass point: 315° (northwest); surname Qian
Japanese qian (one of the trigrams of the I Ching: heaven, northwest); (surname) Nukui; (male given name) Tsutomu; (personal name) Takeshi; (given name) Susumu; (surname, given name) Ken; (surname, given name) Kan; (surname) Kawaki; (surname) Kawai; (surname) Inute; (surname, female given name) Inui
Dry, dried up, clean; heaven, male, masculine, enduring, continual. Translit. gan and h.

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Mandarin yán / yan2
Taiwan yen
Japanese iwa / いわ
Nguyen / Ruan Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese cliff; rock
Japanese (1) rock; boulder; (2) crag; cliff; (3) anchor; (personal name) Yan; (given name) Gan; (surname) Iwayanagi; (personal name) Iwabori; (personal name) Iwahori; (surname) Iwahama; (personal name) Iwanori; (surname) Iwazagi; (surname) Iwazaki; (surname) Iwasaki; (surname) Iwagazaki; (surname, given name) Iwao; (surname, female given name) Iwa; (surname) Iiwasaki

see styles
Mandarin gān / gan1
Taiwan kan
Japanese kan / かん    ikuda / いくだ    ikuta / いくた    ikujima / いくじま    ikushima / いくしま
Nguyen / Ruan Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese sweet; willing; surname Gan; abbr. for Gansu Province 甘肅省|甘肃省[Gan1 su4 Sheng3]
Japanese (surname) Kan; (personal name) Ikuda; (personal name) Ikuta; (personal name) Ikujima; (personal name) Ikushima
Sweet, agreeable, willing; kansu; sweet; sweetness

see styles
Mandarin ruǎn / ruan3
Taiwan juan
Japanese min / みん    gen / げん    ken / けん    gan / がん    en / えん
Nguyen / Ruan Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese ruan, a four-stringed Chinese lute; surname Ruan; small state during the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 BC) located in the southeast of modern-day Gansu Province
Japanese (surname) Min; (surname) Gen; (surname) Ken; (surname) Gan; (surname) En

see styles
Mandarin yàn / yan4
Taiwan yen
Japanese karigane / がん    kari / かりがね
Nguyen / Ruan Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese wild goose
Japanese (kana only) wild goose; (1) call of a wild goose; (2) (kana only) wild goose (esp. a lesser white-fronted goose, Anser erythropus); (3) tea made from twigs of high-quality tea plants (esp. gyokuro); high-grade kukicha (esp. from gyokuro); (1) (kana only) wild goose; (2) (kana only) (abbreviation) (colloquialism) glans; head of a penis; (surname, given name) Gan; (personal name) Ikuma
A hawk, also used for hamsa, a wild goose.

see styles
Mandarin wán / wan2
Taiwan wan
Japanese gan / がん
Chinese ball; pellet; pill
Japanese (n,n-suf) (1) fishball; meatball; (2) (See 丸薬) pill; (surname) Wani; (surname) Maro; (personal name) Marufuku; (surname) Maruzaki; (surname) Marusaki; (surname) Marui; (surname) Maru; (surname) Gan
a pill

see styles
Mandarin gāng / gang1
Taiwan kang
Japanese gou / go / ごう
Chinese hard; firm; strong; just; barely; exactly
Japanese (n,adj-f) strong; hard; manly; (male given name) Tsuyoshi; (given name) Takeru; (given name) Takeshi; (given name) Takashi; (surname) Gouji; (surname) Gouzaki; (surname, given name) Gou; (given name) Kowashi; (given name) Kou; (personal name) Gan; (given name) Katashi

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Mandarin yán / yan2
Taiwan yen
Japanese gen / げん
Chinese Japanese variant of 嚴|严
Japanese (adj-t,adv-to) strict; stern; (male given name) Tsuyoshi; (personal name) Sachie; (female given name) Gon; (personal name) Genji; (surname, given name) Gen; (surname) Ken; (personal name) Gan; (surname) On; (surname) Oomiya; (personal name) Iwanori; (surname, given name) Iwao; (surname) Imu; (given name) Itsuki

see styles
Mandarin yán / yan2
Taiwan yen
Japanese gan / がん    iwao / いわお
Chinese variant of 巖|岩[yan2]
Japanese (given name) Gan; (surname, given name) Iwao

see styles
Mandarin yán / yan2
Taiwan yen
Japanese iwao / いわお    iwa / いわ
Chinese Japanese variant of 巖[yan2]
Japanese huge rock; (1) rock; boulder; (2) crag; cliff; (3) anchor; (given name) Take; (given name) Takashi; (personal name) Gen; (given name) Gan; (personal name) Iwaho; (personal name) Iwanori; (surname) Iwasaki; (surname, given name) Iwao; (surname) Iwa

see styles
Mandarin ái / ai2
Taiwan ai
Japanese gan(p);gan / がん(P);ガン
Chinese cancer; carcinoma; also pr. [yan2]
Japanese (kana only) cancer

see styles
Mandarin niè / nie4
Taiwan nieh
Japanese moyashi / もやし    hikobae / ひこばえ
Japanese (irregular kanji usage) (kana only) bean sprouts; (kana only) sprouts from a stump; buds from the base of a tree
A shrub, tree stump, etc., translit. g, ga, gan.

see styles
Mandarin gàn / gan4
Taiwan kan
Chinese abbr. for Jiangxi Province 江西省[Jiang1 xi1 Sheng3]; Gan River in Jiangxi Province 江西省[Jiang1 xi1 Sheng3]

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Mandarin yán / yan2
Taiwan yen
Japanese kao / かお
Chinese color; face; countenance; surname Yan
Japanese (out-dated kanji) (1) face; visage; (2) look; expression; countenance; (3) honor; honour; face; (4) influence; notoriety; (surname) Gan

see styles
Mandarin yán / yan2
Taiwan yen
Japanese gan / がん    kanbase / かんばせ    kao / かお
Chinese Japanese variant of 顏|颜[yan2]
Japanese (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) (1) face; visage; (2) look; expression; countenance; (1) (archaism) countenance; visage; (2) face; honor (honour); dignity; (1) face; visage; (2) look; expression; countenance; (3) honor; honour; face; (4) influence; notoriety; (personal name) Yan; (surname, given name) Gan; (surname) Ka

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Mandarin yuàn / yuan4
Taiwan yüan
Japanese gan / がん
Chinese to hope; to wish; to desire; hoped-for; ready; willing
Japanese prayer; wish; vow; (female given name) Nozomi; (female given name) Negau; (f,p) Negai
praṇihita; praṇidhāna; resolve, will, desire, cf. 誓.

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Mandarin yàn / yan4
Taiwan yen
Japanese gan / がん
Chinese old variant of 雁[yan4]
Japanese (surname) Gan

see styles
Mandarin yàn / yan4
Taiwan yen
Japanese gan / がん    kari / かり
Chinese variant of 雁[yan4]
Japanese (kana only) wild goose; (1) (kana only) wild goose; (2) (kana only) (abbreviation) (colloquialism) glans; head of a penis; (surname) Gan
A wild goose.

see styles
Mandarin kān / kan1
Taiwan k`an / kan
Japanese gan / がん
Chinese niche; shrine
Japanese (1) niche or alcove for an image; (2) (in Okinawa) portable shrine used to move a deceased from their house to the graveyard
A shrine; a cabinet, box; a coffin (for a monk); to contain.


see styles
Japanese gan / がん Japanese (adverb taking the "to" particle) (1) (onomatopoeic or mimetic word) thump; thud (dull sound representing something being hit); (2) severe; difficult; hard


see styles
Japanese gan / ガン Japanese gun; (place-name) Gand (Belgium); Gan; Gann; Gunn



see styles
Mandarin bù xiǎn / bu4 xian3
Taiwan pu hsien
Japanese fu gan



see styles
Mandarin zhōng guān / zhong1 guan1
Taiwan chung kuan
Japanese chū gan
Meditation on the Mean, one of the 三觀; also meditation on the absolute which unites all opposites. There are various forms of such meditation, that of the 法相宗, the 三論宗, the 天台宗. v. 中論; contemplation of the middle way


see styles
Mandarin yuán yīn / yuan2 yin1
Taiwan yüan yin
Japanese gan'in
原因 The original or fundamental cause which produces phenomena, e. g. karma, reincarnation, etc.; every cause has its fruit or consequences. The idea of cause and effect is a necessary condition of antecedent and consequence; it includes such relations as interaction, correlation, interdependence, co-ordination based on an intrinsic necessity; original cause


see styles
Mandarin hán shēng / han2 sheng1
Taiwan han sheng
Japanese gan shō
含靈 Living beings, all beings possessing life, especially sentient life.



see styles
Mandarin sì yuàn / si4 yuan4
Taiwan ssu yüan
Japanese shi gan
four vows



see styles
Mandarin rú yuàn / ru2 yuan4
Taiwan ju yüan
Japanese nyo gan
Chinese to have one's wishes fulfilled
as one wishes



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Mandarin wēi yán / wei1 yan2
Taiwan wei yen
Japanese i gan
august countenance


see styles
Mandarin yán yàn / yan2 yan4
Taiwan yen yen
Japanese gan'en
to live in mountain caves as a recluse



see styles
Mandarin gān bǎo / gan1 bao3
Taiwan kan pao
Chinese Gan Bao (?-336), Chinese historian and writer, author of In Search of the Supernatural 搜神記|搜神记[Sou1 shen2 Ji4]

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Clairvoyance千里眼sen ri gan / senriganqiān lǐ yǎn
qian1 li3 yan3
qian li yan
ch`ien li yen
chien li yen
kengān qián
gan1 / qian2
gan / qian
kan ch`ien
kan chien
阮 / 阮
Min / Genruǎn / ruan3 / ruanjuan
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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