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Evening in Chinese / Japanese...

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Night / Evening

Japan yoru
Night / Evening Vertical Wall Scroll

As simple as that, this is the character that means evening or night in Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Sometimes can mean "in the dark."


China yè wǎn
Night Vertical Wall Scroll

夜晚 is a two-character word that means night in Chinese.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin/ ye4
Taiwan yeh
Japanese yoru(p);yo / よる(P);よ    ya / や
Night Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese night
Japanese (n-adv,n-t) evening; night; (counter) (after numbers in the ichi, ni, san counting system) counter for nights; (female given name) Yoru; (female given name) Naito
Night; translit ya.


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Mandarin rì mù / ri4 mu4
Taiwan jih mu
Japanese higure / ひぐれ
Night Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese sunset
Japanese twilight; sunset; dusk; evening; (surname) Higure; (place-name, surname) Higurashi; (surname) Nippori


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Mandarin wǎn ān / wan3 an1
Taiwan wan an
Night Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese Good night!; Good evening!


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Japanese shunshouikkoku / shunshoikkoku / しゅんしょういっこく Japanese (expression) (yoji) a moment of time in a spring evening (is worth a thousand pieces of gold)

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Mandarin kān / kan1
Taiwan k`an / kan
Japanese kan / かん
Chinese to print; to publish; publication; periodical; to peel with a knife; to carve; to amend
Japanese (suffix) publication; edition (e.g. morning, evening, special); published in (year); publication frequency (e.g. daily, monthly)
to cut

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Mandarin/ xi1
Taiwan hsi
Japanese yuu / yu / ゆう
Chinese dusk; evening; Taiwan pr. [xi4]
Japanese (n-adv,n-t) (See 夕べ・ゆうべ・1) evening; (female given name) Yuube; (surname, female given name) Yuu; (female given name) Ibu

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Mandarin xiāo / xiao1
Taiwan hsiao
Japanese yoi / よい
Chinese night
Japanese evening; early night hours; (surname, female given name) Yoi

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Mandarin gàn / gan4
Taiwan kan
Chinese sunset; evening

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Mandarin wǎn / wan3
Taiwan wan
Japanese ban
Chinese evening; night; late

see styles
Mandarin wǎn / wan3
Taiwan wan
Japanese ban / ばん
Chinese variant of 晚[wan3]
Japanese (n-adv,n-t) (1) evening; (counter) (2) counter for nights; (surname) Ban
Sunset, evening, twilight; late.

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Mandarin/ mu4
Taiwan mu
Japanese kure / くれ
Chinese evening; sunset
Japanese (irregular okurigana usage) (n-t,adj-no,n-suf) (1) sunset; sundown; nightfall; dusk; (2) end; close; (3) year-end; end of the year; (female given name) Kure

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Mandarin/ xi1
Taiwan hsi
Japanese ushio / うしお
Chinese night tides; evening ebbtide; Taiwan pr. [xi4]
Japanese (1) tide; current; (2) salt water; (3) opportunity; (surname) Seki; (personal name) Jaku; (surname) Shiozaki; (surname) Shiosaki; (surname, female given name) Shio; (female given name) Shi-ta; (female given name) Ushio

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Mandarin tiáo / tiao2
Taiwan t`iao / tiao
Japanese higurashi / ひぐらし
Chinese cicada
Japanese (kana only) evening cicada (Tanna japonensis)

see styles
Mandarin bù // bū / bu4 // bu1
Taiwan pu
Chinese see 餔子|哺子[bu4 zi5]; to eat; evening meal


see styles
Japanese oban / おばん Japanese (polite language) (thb:) (used in greetings) (See お晩です) evening; good evening


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Mandarin yī xī / yi1 xi1
Taiwan i hsi
Japanese isseki / いっせき
Chinese overnight; instantly; very quickly
Japanese (n-adv,n-t) one evening; some evenings; (female given name) Hitoyuu


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Mandarin yī yè / yi1 ye4
Taiwan i yeh
Japanese ichiya(p);hitoya;hitoyo / いちや(P);ひとや;ひとよ
Japanese (n-adv,n-t) one night; all night; overnight; one evening; (female given name) Kazuyo; (female given name) Kazuya; (female given name) Iyona; (female given name) Ichiya
one night


see styles
Japanese isshou / issho / いっしょう Japanese (archaism) one evening; one night


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Japanese hitoban / ひとばん Japanese (n-adv,n-t) (1) one night; one evening; (2) all night; overnight


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Mandarin qī xī / qi1 xi1
Taiwan ch`i hsi / chi hsi
Japanese tanabata / たなばた    shichiseki / しちせき
Chinese double seven festival, evening of seventh of lunar seventh month; girls' festival; Chinese Valentine's day, when Cowherd and Weaving maid 牛郎織女|牛郎织女 are allowed their annual meeting
Japanese Star Festival (held in July or August); Tanabata; Festival of the Weaver; (female given name) Nayuu; (female given name) Nayu; (female given name) Nanayu; (female given name) Nanaya; (female given name) Nana; (surname, female given name) Tanabata



see styles
Mandarin sān shí / san1 shi2
Taiwan san shih
Japanese sanji / さんじ
Japanese (adverbial noun) (1) 3 o'clock; (2) 3 o'clock snack; (personal name) Mitoki; (surname) Santoki; (surname) Sanji
The three divisions of the day, i.e. dawn, daylight, and sunset; or morning, noon, and evening; also the three periods, after his nirvāṇa, of every Buddha's teaching, viz., 正 correct, or the period of orthodoxy and vigour, 像 semblance, or the period of scholasticism, and 末 end, the period of decline and termination; three times



see styles
Mandarin èr shí / er4 shi2
Taiwan erh shih
Japanese futatoki / ふたとき    niji / にじ
Japanese (temporal noun) (1) fairly long period of time; (2) (archaism) four-hour period; (temporal noun) two o'clock
The two times or periods— morning and evening. Also 迦羅 kāla, a regular or fixed hour for meals, and 三昧耶 samaya, irregular or unfxed hours or times; two time periods


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Japanese konseki;konyuu / konseki;konyu / こんせき;こんゆう Japanese (n-adv,n-t) this evening; tonight


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Mandarin jīn yè / jin1 ye4
Taiwan chin yeh
Japanese konya / こんや
Chinese tonight; this evening
Japanese (n-adv,n-t) this evening; tonight


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Japanese koyoi / こよい Japanese (n-adv,n-t) this evening; tonight; (female given name) Koyoi


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Japanese konban / こんばん Japanese (n-adv,n-t) tonight; this evening


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Mandarin bàng wǎn / bang4 wan3
Taiwan pang wan
Chinese in the evening; when night falls; towards evening; at night fall; at dusk


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Japanese irihi / いりひ Japanese setting sun; evening sun; (surname) Irihi


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Japanese iriai / いりあい Japanese (1) sunset; (2) (abbreviation) evening bell; vespers bell; (surname) Iriai



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Mandarin liù shí / liu4 shi2
Taiwan liu shih
Japanese rokuji / ろくじ
Japanese (1) six o'clock; (2) (Buddhist term) six periods of a day (morning, midday, afternoon, evening, midnight, late night)
The six 'hours' or periods in a day, three for night and three for day, i. e. morning noon, evening; night, midnight, and dawn. Also, the six divisions of the year, two each of spring, summer, and winter; six hours

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
yoruyè / ye4 / yeyeh
Night夜晚yè wǎn / ye4 wan3 / ye wan / yewanyeh wan / yehwan

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