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  1. Dream / Dreams
  2. Dream / Vision
  3. Pursue Your Dreams / Follow Your Dreams / Chase Your Dreams
  4. Big Dream / Great Hope
  5. Dream Big / Big Dreams
  6. Dreamer
  7. Big Dream
  8. Dream Come True / Enjoy Success
  9. Life Is But A Dream

Dream / Dreams

China mèng
Japan yume
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<mark>Dream</mark> / <mark>Dream</mark>s

This is the very simple word for dreams in Chinese and Japanese. It can also mean having a vision or simply an illusion.

Dream / Vision

China mèng xiǎng
Japan mu sou
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<mark>Dream</mark> / Vision

This is the two-character version of "dream", which can mean "to dream of [something]", vision, imagine, or reverie.

Be careful, as in some context, it can mean to dream of something in vain.

Pursue Your Dreams / Follow Your Dreams / Chase Your Dreams

China zhuī xún mèng xiǎng
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Pursue Your <mark>Dream</mark>s / Follow Your <mark>Dream</mark>s / Chase Your <mark>Dream</mark>s

The first two characters mean "to pursue", "to track down", or "to search for".

The last two mean dreams. This version of dreams refers to those with an element of reality (not the dreams you have when you sleep, but rather your aspirations or goals in life).

This title will tell everyone that you want to make your dreams come true.

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Pursue Your Dreams / Follow Your Dreams / Chase Your Dreams

Japanese Only
Japan yume wo oi tsudukeru
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Pursue Your <mark>Dream</mark>s / Follow Your <mark>Dream</mark>s / Chase Your <mark>Dream</mark>s

This is the Japanese way to express "Follow Your Dreams". If you have dreams that you want to pursue and make true, this is the phrase for you.

The first character is "dream" or "dreams". The rest of the characters establish the idea of chasing or pursuing.

See Also...  Pursuit Of Happiness

Big Dream / Great Hope

Japan tai mou
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Big <mark>Dream</mark> / Great Hope

This is one of a few ways to write "dream big" in Japanese.

This is a good title if you want that to inspire ambition or high aspirations. This is also a way to say "great expectations".

Dream Big / Big Dreams

China yuǎn dà mèng xiǎng
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<mark>Dream</mark> Big / Big <mark>Dream</mark>s

This is a way to say "dream big" or "big dreams" in Mandarin Chinese.


China mèng xiǎng jiā
Japan mu sou ka
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This means "dreamer" in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

Big Dream

China dà mèng
Japan daimu
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Big <mark>Dream</mark>

This means, "Big Dream" in Chinese and Japanese. This is mostly a Buddhist term referring to the great dream that represents a long and winding life that feels like a dream (since reality is an illusion anyway in Buddhism).

This can also be a female given name, Hiromu or Oomu in Japanese. Also more rare unisex given names Daimu or Taimu.

Dream Come True / Enjoy Success

China dé zhì
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<mark>Dream</mark> Come True / Enjoy Success

This Chinese word means to accomplish one's ambition, a dream come true, or to enjoy your success.

Life Is But A Dream

China rén shēng rú mèng
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Life Is But A <mark>Dream</mark>

This is an old Chinese proverb that suggests, "life is but a dream".

This kind of follows the Buddhist idea that the world is a temporal place, where reality may not be as real as you think.

Check dictionary for dream

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The following table is only helpful for those studying Chinese (or Japanese), and perhaps helps search engines to find this page when someone enters Romanized Chinese or Japanese

Romaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Dream / Dreams
Dream / Vision梦想
mu sou
mu so
mèng xiǎng
meng xiang
meng hsiang
meng4 xiang3
Pursue Your Dreams / Follow Your Dreams / Chase Your Dreams追寻梦想
n/azhuī xún mèng xiǎng
zhui xun meng xiang
chui hsün meng hsiang
zhui1 xun2 meng4 xiang3
Pursue Your Dreams / Follow Your Dreams / Chase Your Dreams夢を追い続ける
yume wo oi tsudukeru
Big Dream / Great Hope大望
tai mou
tai mo
Dream Big / Big Dreams远大梦想
n/ayuǎn dà mèng xiǎng
yuan da meng xiang
yüan ta meng hsiang
yuan3 da4 meng4 xiang3
mu sou ka
mu so ka
mèng xiǎng jiā
meng xiang jia
meng hsiang chia
meng4 xiang3 jia1
Big Dream大夢
daimudà mèng
da meng
ta meng
da4 meng4
Dream Come True / Enjoy Success得志
n/adé zhì
de zhi
te chih
de2 zhi4
Life Is But A Dream人生如梦
n/arén shēng rú mèng
ren sheng ru meng
jen sheng ju meng
ren2 sheng1 ru2 meng4

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