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Captain in Chinese / Japanese...

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China duì zhǎng
Japan taichou

This Chinese and Japanese word means captain, team leader, or commanding officer.

This is an odd title for a calligraphy wall scroll, so it's really here for educational purposes only.

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Simple Dictionary Definition



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Mandarin duì zhǎng / dui4 zhang3
Taiwan tui chang
Japanese taichou / taicho たいちょう
Chinese captain; team leader; CL:個|个[ge4]
Japanese commanding officer
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Mandarin tóu / tou2
Taiwan t`ou / tou
Japanese tsumuri つむり
 akira あきら
Chinese suffix for nouns; head; hair style; the top; end; beginning or end; a stub; remnant; chief; boss; side; aspect; first; leading; classifier for pigs or livestock; CL:個|个[ge4]
Japanese (kana only) (derogatory term) head; dome; bean; nob; noggin; (counter) counter for large animals (e.g. head of cattle); (suffix) (1) top of ..; head of ..; (2) the moment that ..; (archaism) (kana only) shape of one's head; (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) head; (1) head; (2) hair (on one's head); (3) leader; chief; boss; captain; (4) top; tip; (5) beginning; start; (6) top structural component of a kanji; (1) head; (2) hair (on one's head); (3) mind; brains; intellect; (4) leader; chief; boss; captain; (5) top; tip; (6) beginning; start; (7) head; person; (personal name) Tsumuri; (given name) Akira
The head; chief, first.


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Japanese kazumasa かずまさ
Japanese commander-in-chief; (team) captain; (personal name) Kazumasa

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Mandarin shàng wèi / shang4 wei4
Taiwan shang wei
Chinese captain (military rank)

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Japanese ichii / ichi いちい
Japanese captain (JSDF)

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Japanese oosa おおさ
Japanese colonel; (navy) captain; (place-name, surname) Oosa

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Mandarin dà wèi / da4 wei4
Taiwan ta wei
Japanese daii / dai だいい
 taii / tai たいい
Chinese captain (army rank); senior captain
Japanese captain (Army, U.S. Marine Corps, USAF); lieutenant (Navy); flight lieutenant (RAF, RAAF, RNZAF, etc.)

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Mandarin kù kè / ku4 ke4
Taiwan k`u k`o / ku ko
Chinese Cook (name); Captain James Cook (1728-1779), British navigator and explorer

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Japanese tone とね
 touya / toya とうや
Japanese (1) (Shinto) priest (used at certain shrines, e.g. Ise, Kamo); (2) (archaism) member of one of the four administrative ranks in the ritsuryo system; (3) (archaism) government official in charge of a town, esp. in Heian Kyoto; (4) (archaism) prominent member of a town; (5) river boatman; captain of a riverboat; (6) (archaism) (medieval) harbor manager; (7) (archaism) bandit leader; head of a gang of brigands; (surname) Tone; (personal name) Touya

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Mandarin jī zhǎng / ji1 zhang3
Taiwan chi chang
Japanese kichou / kicho きちょう
Chinese captain; chief pilot
Japanese pilot

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Japanese kuui / kui くうい
Japanese (Self Defense Force's Air Force) captain (defence); lieutenant

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Mandarin chuán zhǔ / chuan2 zhu3
Taiwan ch`uan chu / chuan chu
Japanese funanushi ふなぬし
 senshu せんしゅ
Chinese ship's captain; owner of ship
Japanese shipowner

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Mandarin chuán shī / chuan2 shi1
Taiwan ch`uan shih / chuan shih
Japanese senshi
Captain, i.e. the Buddha as captain of salvation, ferrying across to the nirvāṇa shore.

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Mandarin chuán zhǎng / chuan2 zhang3
Taiwan ch`uan chang / chuan chang
Japanese funanaga ふななが
Chinese captain (of a boat); skipper
Japanese (1) ship's captain; skipper; (2) boatman; (1) ship's captain; skipper; (2) length of a ship; (surname) Funanaga

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Mandarin jiàn zhǎng / jian4 zhang3
Taiwan chien chang
Japanese kanchou / kancho かんちょう
Chinese commander; captain (of a warship)
Japanese captain (of a warship)

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Mandarin lǎo dà / lao3 da4
Taiwan lao ta
Chinese old age; very; eldest child in a family; leader of a group; boss; captain of a boat; leader of a criminal gang

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Mandarin lǐng duì / ling3 dui4
Taiwan ling tui
Chinese to lead a group; leader of a group; captain (of sports squad)

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Japanese jieichou / jiecho じえいちょう
Japanese captain of the guard

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Japanese sensotsuchou / sensotsucho せんそつちょう
Japanese captain of a thousand

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Mandarin dà chuán shī / da4 chuan2 shi1
Taiwan ta ch`uan shih / ta chuan shih
Japanese dai senshi
The captain of the great ship of salvation, Buddha; captain of the great ship

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Mandarin láng wēi lǐ / lang2 wei1 li3
Taiwan lang wei li
Chinese Captain William M Lang (1843-), British adviser to the Qing north China navy 北洋水師|北洋水师 during the 1880s

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Japanese kapitan カピタン
Japanese (obsolete) captain (por:)

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Japanese kapitan カピタン
Japanese (obsolete) captain (por:)

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Japanese senchoushitsu / senchoshitsu せんちょうしつ
Japanese captain's cabin

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Japanese kyappu キャップ
Japanese (1) cap; (2) top reporter at a newspaper's local office; (3) (abbreviation) captain; (personal name) Capp; Kapp

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Japanese sukippu スキップ
Japanese (noun/participle) (1) skip (bounding forward with alternate hops on each foot); (2) skipping (over); (3) skip (captain of a curling team); skipper; (personal name) Skipp; Skip

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Japanese ittoukaisa / ittokaisa いっとうかいさ
Japanese captain (in the Maritime Self Defence Force)

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Mandarin kù kè chuán zhǎng / ku4 ke4 chuan2 zhang3
Taiwan k`u k`o ch`uan chang / ku ko chuan chang
Chinese Captain James Cook (1728-1779), British navigator and explorer

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Mandarin hǎi jun shàng xiào / hai3 jun1 shang4 xiao4
Taiwan hai chün shang hsiao
Chinese captain (= UK and US Navy equivalent)

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Japanese shouboushochou / shoboshocho しょうぼうしょちょう
Japanese fire captain; fire marshal

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Captain 隊長
taichou / taichoduì zhǎng
dui4 zhang3
dui zhang
tui chang
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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