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Basketball in Chinese / Japanese...

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Japan roukyuu

籠球 is the Japanese Kanji title for Basketball.


China lán qiú

籃球 is the Chinese title for Basketball (a very popular sport in China).

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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Mandarin lán qiú / lan2 qiu2
Taiwan lan ch`iu / lan chiu
Chinese basketball; CL:個|个[ge4],隻|只[zhi1]
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Japanese roukyuu / rokyu ろうきゅう
Japanese basketball
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Mandarin zhōng fēng / zhong1 feng1
Taiwan chung feng
Chinese midfielder; center (basketball); center forward (hockey, football)

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Mandarin qiē rù / qie1 ru4
Taiwan ch`ieh ju / chieh ju
Japanese setsunyuu / setsunyu せつにゅう
Chinese to cut into; to incise; to penetrate deeply into (a topic, area etc); cut (offensive moves in basketball)
Japanese OFF-ON (marking on switches)

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Mandarin gōu shǒu / gou1 shou3
Taiwan kou shou
Chinese to collude with; to collaborate; (basketball) hook shot

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Mandarin dà qiú / da4 qiu2
Taiwan ta ch`iu / ta chiu
Chinese sports such as soccer, basketball and volleyball that use large balls; see also 小球[xiao3 qiu2]

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Mandarin yáo míng / yao2 ming2
Taiwan yao ming
Chinese Yao Ming (1980-), retired Chinese basketball player, played for CBA Shanghai Sharks 1997-2002 and for NBA Houston Rockets 2002-2011

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Mandarin sūn yuè / sun1 yue4
Taiwan sun yüeh
Chinese Sun Yue (1973-), PRC female pop star; Sun Yue (1985-), PRC basketball star, plays for Los Angeles Lakers from 2007

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Mandarin fēng gài / feng1 gai4
Taiwan feng kai
Chinese cap; seal; cover; to cover; blocked shot (basketball)

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Mandarin tóu zhòng / tou2 zhong4
Taiwan t`ou chung / tou chung
Chinese to hit the target with one's throw; (basketball) to score

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Mandarin tóu lán / tou2 lan2
Taiwan t`ou lan / tou lan
Chinese to shoot for the basket (basketball)

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Mandarin dǎng chāi / dang3 chai1
Taiwan tang ch`ai / tang chai
Chinese pick and roll (basketball); screen and roll

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Mandarin bào kòu / bao4 kou4
Taiwan pao k`ou / pao kou
Chinese slam dunk (basketball)

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Mandarin qiú duì / qiu2 dui4
Taiwan ch`iu tui / chiu tui
Chinese sports team (basketball, soccer, football etc)

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Mandarin gài mào / gai4 mao4
Taiwan kai mao
Chinese block (basketball)

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Mandarin zǒu bù / zou3 bu4
Taiwan tsou pu
Chinese to walk; to step; pace; traveling (walking with the ball, a foul in basketball)

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Mandarin yùn qiú / yun4 qiu2
Taiwan yün ch`iu / yün chiu
Chinese to dribble (basketball, soccer etc)

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Mandarin guò rén / guo4 ren2
Taiwan kuo jen
Chinese to surpass others; outstanding; (basketball, soccer etc) to get past an opponent

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Mandarin zǔ gōng / zu3 gong1
Taiwan tsu kung
Chinese to block a shot (basketball) (Tw)

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Japanese kooto コート
Japanese (1) coat; (2) court (i.e. tennis, basketball, etc.); (personal name) Coote; Cort; Cote; Court; Couto; Koedt; Koht

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Japanese gooru ゴール
Japanese (noun/participle) (1) {sports} goal; basket (basketball); finishing line; winning post; (2) (See ガリア) Gaul; (place-name) Gol; Gall; Gaul; Gohl; Gorr

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Japanese basuke バスケ
Japanese (abbreviation) (See バスケットボール) basketball

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Mandarin sān bù zhān / san1 bu4 zhan1
Taiwan san pu chan
Chinese air ball (basketball)

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Mandarin jiā suǒ ěr / jia1 suo3 er3
Taiwan chia so erh
Chinese Gasol (name); Pau Gasol (1980-), Spanish professional basketball player (NBA); Marc Gasol (1985-), Spanish professional basketball player (NBA)

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Mandarin zhāng bó lún / zhang1 bo2 lun2
Taiwan chang po lun
Chinese Chamberlain (name); Wilt Chamberlain (1936-1999), US basketball player

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Mandarin tóu lán jī / tou2 lan2 ji1
Taiwan t`ou lan chi / tou lan chi
Chinese arcade basketball machine; miniature hoops

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Mandarin yì jiàn lián / yi4 jian4 lian2
Taiwan i chien lien
Chinese Yi Jianlian (1987-), Chinese basketball player for the New Jersey Nets (NBA)

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Mandarin lín shū háo / lin2 shu1 hao2
Taiwan lin shu hao
Chinese Jeremy Lin (1988-), Taiwanese-American professional basketball player (NBA)

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Japanese ketteiritsu / ketteritsu けっていりつ
Japanese (n,n-suf) (1) shooting rate (in ball games, e.g. volleyball, basketball, soccer, etc.); shooting percentage; (2) success rate (esp. business, e.g. sales)

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Mandarin wáng zhì zhì / wang2 zhi4 zhi4
Taiwan wang chih chih
Chinese Wang Zhizhi (1977-), former Chinese basketball player

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Basketball籠球roukyuu / rokyu
lán qiú / lan2 qiu2 / lan qiu / lanqiulan ch`iu / lanchiu / lan chiu
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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