Mindfulness - Japanese Kanji Calligraphy Wall Scroll

Approximate Measurements

Artwork Panel: 27.9cm x 66cm  ≈  11" x 26"

Silk/Brocade: 37.3cm x 125.5cm  ≈  14¾" x 49½"

Width at Wooden Knobs: 46.3cm  ≈  18¼"

Mindfulness - Japanese Kanji Calligraphy Wall Scroll close up view

Close up view of the calligraphy artwork mounted to this silk brocade wall scroll



Real Japanese Calligraphy

This is the simplest way to write "mindfulness" in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja. It's pronounced niàn in Chinese, nen in Japanese, and 념 or nyeom in Korean.

Below the main 念 character, the inscription says: In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's mind there are few.
- Shunryu Suzuki

念 can be defined these ways: To read; to study (a degree course); to read aloud; to miss somebody (keeping them in your mind); idea; remembrance; sense; thought; feeling; desire; concern; attention; recollection; memory; to think on/about; reflect; repeat, intone; a moment.

Obviously, the context in which the character is used determines which definition or meaning is perceived. As a single character, it's open and perhaps ambiguous. Thus, it can be read with any or all of these meanings.

About this artwork...

This was created by Japanese calligrapher Kougetsu of Nara, Japan. The materials used include special calligraphy paper and ink. The artwork was sent to our workshop in Beijing where we created a hand-built silk brocade wall scroll. By building the wall scroll at our own workshop, we save you a lot of money - most authentic Japanese calligraphy wall scrolls cost over $200!

The particular wall scroll features two-toned brocade with frost blue and frost green colors.