A Life of Happiness and Prosperity

Popular Combinations

If you don't want to go through every possible option, just click on one of these popular combinations below.
I do suggest that you at least carefully choose your calligrapher before adding this to your shopping cart.
Also, you can still customize other parts of your artwork after you choose one of these combinations.

A Life of Happiness and Prosperity
My Signature
A Life of Happiness and Prosperity
A Life of Happiness and Prosperity
A Life of Happiness and Prosperity
A Life of Happiness and Prosperity

Gary's notes on these combinations:

My Signature Style is one I created for my own artwork. It was so popular at our walk-in gallery that I made it a staple of our wall scroll mounting.
The Old Faithful goes with almost any decor and is easy on the budget.
The red paper of Lucky Wedding is good for any festive occasion - with red being the good luck color of China.
Buddhist text is often written on orange paper, thus the Buddha's Delight combination.
If you want a walk down the silk road to the wild west of China, try Bizantine Dreams with it's blue/gold brocade that changes color depending on how the light hits it.

The recommended calligrapher for this title is Master Cao Bin of Beijing, China.


If in doubt, choose a vertical wall scroll.

Horizontal wall scrolls take special care to hang properly. The nails or hooks must be perfectly spaced on your wall (too close and the scroll droops, too far apart and you can't hang it or you tear it).

Hand scrolls are very unusual. These cannot be hung on a wall. They are for display laying on a table only. Good for wedding guest book scrolls, but not much else.


Important Note: If you choose portrait format, you will need to frame this artwork after it arrives at your home. To avoid the cost of framing, I strongly suggest choosing a vertical wall scroll.

Popular Silks

I buy 1000s of meters of these three, so I get a better price than other colors.
My favorite is the rich and deep golden-brown of the copper color. If you decide on a two-toned scheme, try ivory with copper.

Specialty Silks + $2

More info about individual silks and papers

Please note that all computer monitors display colors differently. In real life, the white is pure white, and the ivory has a warm yellow hue - some would call this "antique white". Please note that the medium green can vary widely in color!

The shade and pattern of these materials varies from time to time as we receive new batches from the loom/mill.

Sample of silk inner-frame on wall scroll

Inner-Frame / Two-Tone + $8

This is a nice way to spice up your wall scroll by making it a two-toned creation.
Just pick the color for the inner silk frame that matches your taste.
You probably want to pick a silk for the frame that contrasts nicely with your main silk color.
My favorite is ivory with a copper inner-frame.

Premium Paper w/ Gold Flecks

These xuan papers with golden flecks add a touch of class to calligraphy artwork.

Artisan Papers

These handmade xuan papers receive special treatments when they are laid and pressed.

Stamped / Etched Patterns

Not available for large & jumbo sizes.

Plain Papers

More info about individual papers and silks

*Recommended number of columns for best length, balance, and value.

Measurements at wooden knobs shown above apply only to vertical wall scrolls.
Measurements are approximate, and be reduced by as much as 1.5cm (¾") when trimmed during the mounting process.

The size options above are based on width (not length). The length will follow a "natural flow" which is determined by the number of characters, number of columns, and in some cases the style of calligraphy.

The images above are not the characters of your title, but rather, real samples of your chosen calligrapher's styles so that you can imagine what your project might look like.

Because this is a custom hand-made item, expect the character on your artwork to vary somewhat from what you see above what is shown in the mockup at the left.

More about Japanese / Chinese calligraphy styles

You have selected the economy calligrapher, so the calligraphy styles tab does not apply. This calligrapher only writes in one style (Running Regular Script / Xing-Kaishu).

Inscription + $9

Enter your inscription here:

Choose inscription option/location:

You can add an inscription such as your names (for couples or families) or a special salutation.
We'll transliterate your names or translate your phrase into Mandarin Chinese and have the calligrapher add it to your artwork.

Please try to make your inscription one clear and complete thought or sentence (with subject, verb, and object) or a couple of names arranged like: "Dick and Jane", or "Dick and Jane Forever", or "Dick and Jane, married Oct 1st, 2002".
Inscriptions longer than 1-2 sentences may require an extra charge.

Because you have chosen a Chinese calligrapher, your inscription must be written in Chinese with few exceptions. Inscriptions cannot be written on artwork in English.

Accent Lines

Sample of accent lines

Top Lines:

Bottom Lines:

This is just a little accent of keylines that can be added to the top and bottom silk panels.
The charge of $1 for each is mostly to cover the extra labor of this option.

Fancy Gold Strips + $6

Sample of Fancy Gold Strips

This adds strips of fancy gold ribbon above and below the characters on the xuan paper.

Delivery Schedule

Keep in mind that you've selected a Japanese master calligrapher. This takes a little longer because in most cases, the raw calligraphy must be shipped from Japan to our workshop in Beijing, and then to you. This is how we save you about $100 compared to typical Japanese calligraphy, but it does take longer.

If Rush Service is late, get up to 3 times your rush fee back:
If I deliver late, just let me know and you'll get triple your rush fees back ($30) in a gift certificate (or double if you want a direct refund instead).

With full rush service: Your order goes to the front of the line at the workshop, and goes faster with more expensive postage. I do everything possible to get it to you fast.

Rush service is successful 90% of the time, but postal delays, customs delays & other issues do occur.

Enter your special instructions here:

Use this if you have special size restrictions or notes for this calligraphy.

Common requests from customers:
1. Please match length with other wall scrolls on my order if possible.
2. This is a gift, please send information about this title for the recipient.
3. Adjust as needed to make wall scroll no longer than ____ feet.

I try to accommodate every special request whenever possible or practical.
I'll email you if there's a problem with your request.

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