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Mandarin shí / shi2
Taiwan shih
Japanese minoru / みのる    makoto / まこと    hiroshi / ひろし    jitsu / じつ    sanesaki / さねさき    sane / さね
Chinese real; true; honest; really; solid; fruit; seed; definitely
Japanese (s,m) Minoru; (personal name) Makoto; (personal name) Hiroshi; (surname) Jitsu; (surname) Sane
Real, true, honest, sincere; solid; fixed; full; to fill; fruit, kernel, effects; verily, in fact; it is used for 眞, as in 一實 the supreme fact, or ultimate reality; also for bhūta.

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Mandarin zhōng / zhong1
Taiwan chung
Japanese chuu / chu / ちゅう
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese loyal; devoted; honest
Japanese (1) loyalty; devotion; fidelity; faithfulness; (2) (See 判官・はんがん・2,弾正台・2) inspector of the Imperial Prosecuting and Investigating Office (ritsuryo system); (given name) Makoto; (personal name) Chuuji; (surname, given name) Chuu; (personal name) Tadatsugu; (personal name) Tadasue; (given name) Tadasu; (given name) Tadashi; (personal name) Tadakatsu; (place-name) Tada; (personal name) Takashi; (personal name) Zon; (given name) Sunao; (male given name) Kiyoshi; (given name) Atsushi

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Mandarin fāng / fang1
Taiwan fang
Japanese hou / ho / ほう    gata / がた    kata / かた
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese square; power or involution (mathematics); upright; honest; fair and square; direction; side; party (to a contract, dispute etc); place; method; prescription (medicine); just when; only or just; classifier for square things; abbr. for square or cubic meter; surname Fang
Japanese (1) direction; way; side; area (in a particular direction); (2) side (of an argument, etc.); one's part; (3) type; category; (4) field (of study, etc.); (5) indicates one side of a comparison; (6) way; method; manner; means; (7) length (of each side of a square); (suffix) (1) (honorific or respectful language) (pluralizing suffix) Sirs; Mesdames; (2) (also かた) around (the time that, etc.); about; (1) (also ほう) direction; way; (2) (honorific or respectful language) person; lady; gentleman; (n,n-suf) (3) method of; manner of; way of; (suffix noun) (4) care of ...; (5) (also がた) person in charge of ...; (6) (also がた) side (e.g. "on my mother's side"); (given name) Michi; (female given name) Masani; (given name) Masashi; (surname) Hon; (surname, female given name) Hou; (surname) Fuon; (surname) Pan; (surname) Ban; (surname) Tokukata; (given name) Tamotsu; (given name) Tadashi; (surname) Kata; (personal name) Ataru
Square; place; correct; a means, plan, prescription; then, now, just; to make even

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Mandarin qīng / qing1
Taiwan ch`ing / ching
Japanese shin / しん
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese clear; distinct; quiet; just and honest; pure; to settle or clear up; to clean up or purge; Qing or Ch'ing dynasty of Imperial China (1644-1911); surname Qing
Japanese Qing (dynasty of China, 1616-1912); Ch'ing; (personal name) Sugashi; (surname, female given name) Suga; (place-name) Shin; (female given name) Sayaka; (female given name) Saya; (female given name) Kiyora; (personal name) Kiyonori; (personal name) Kiyotsugu; (personal name) Kiyozumi; (personal name) Kiyosumi; (personal name) Kiyosue; (personal name) Kiyoji; (s,m,f) Kiyoshi; (surname) Kiyozaki; (surname) Kiyosaki; (personal name) Kiyokatsu; (personal name) Kiyoi; (surname, female given name) Kiyo; (personal name) Kyoji; (female given name) Isami

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Mandarin bái / bai2
Taiwan pai
Japanese haku / はく    shiro / しろ    shira / しら
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese white; snowy; pure; bright; empty; blank; plain; clear; to make clear; in vain; gratuitous; free of charge; reactionary; anti-communist; funeral; to stare coldly; to write wrong character; to state; to explain; vernacular; spoken lines in opera; surname Bai
Japanese (1) white; (2) (See 鯔・ぼら・1) striped mullet fry (Mugil cephalus); (3) (See せりふ) speech; one's lines; (4) {mahj} white dragon tile; (5) {mahj} winning hand with a pung (or kong) of white dragon tiles; (6) (abbreviation) (archaism) (See 白人) white person; Caucasian; (n-pref,n-suf,n) (7) (abbreviation) (obscure) (See ベルギー) Belgium; (1) (See 黒・1) white; (2) innocence; innocent person; (3) blank space; (4) white go stone; (5) {mahj} (See 白・はく・4) white dragon tile; (6) {food} skewered grilled pig intestine; (prefix) (1) white; (2) unseasoned; undyed; unaltered; (3) very much; precisely; (4) (See しらばくれる) playing dumb; (noun or adjectival noun) (5) unfeigned; honest; diligent; (female given name) Mashiro; (surname) Peku; (surname) Beku; (surname) Pai; (surname) Bai; (surname, female given name) Haku; (surname) Tsukumo; (surname) Shiroyanagi; (surname) Shirotsuru; (given name) Shiroshi; (surname) Shirayanagi; (surname) Shirayagi; (surname) Shirahama; (surname) Shirazaki; (surname) Shirasaki; (personal name) Shirai; (personal name) Shira; (m,f) Kiyoshi; (female given name) Akira
White, pure, clear; make clear, inform.

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Mandarin dǎng / dang3
Taiwan tang
Chinese honest; straightforward


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Mandarin shàn liáng / shan4 liang2
Taiwan shan liang
Japanese zenryou / zenryo / ぜんりょう
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese good and honest; kindhearted
Japanese (adj-na,n,adj-no) goodness; excellence; virtue; (given name) Yoshinaga; (female given name) Sara


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Mandarin lián zhí / lian2 zhi2
Taiwan lien chih
Japanese renchoku / れんちょく
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese upright and honest; incorruptible; squeaky clean
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) integrity; uprightness; (personal name) Kiyonao; (personal name) Kiyotada


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Japanese mame / まめ    chuujitsu / chujitsu / ちゅうじつ
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) (1) (kana only) diligent; hardworking; conscientious; sincere; (2) (kana only) healthy; fit; (3) (archaism) (See 忠実・ちゅうじつ) faithful; devoted; (noun or adjectival noun) faithful; devoted; loyal; honest; true; (given name) Chuujitsu; (personal name) Tadamitsu; (female given name) Tadami; (given name) Tadazane



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Mandarin zhèng yè / zheng4 ye4
Taiwan cheng yeh
Japanese seigyou / segyo / せいぎょう    shougou / shogo / しょうごう
Chinese one's regular job
Japanese legitimate occupation; honest business; (1) (abbreviation) {Buddh} (See 八正道) right action; (2) (See 正定業) correct meditative activity (in Jodo, saying the name of Amitabha)
samyakkarmānta, right action, purity of body, avoiding all wrong, the fourth of the 八正道; 'right action, abstaining from taking life, or what is not given, or from carnal indulgence. ' Keith; right behavior


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Mandarin zhèng zhí / zheng4 zhi2
Taiwan cheng chih
Japanese shoujiki / shojiki / しょうじき
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese upright; upstanding; honest
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) (1) honest; frank; candid; straightforward; (adverb) (2) honestly; frankly; (p,s,g) Masanao; (given name) Masao; (personal name) Tadanao; (personal name) Seichoku; (place-name) Shoujiki
Correct and straight; it is also referred to the One Vehicle teaching of Tiantai.



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Mandarin chún jié / chun2 jie2
Taiwan ch`un chieh / chun chieh
Japanese junketsu / じゅんけつ
Chinese pure; clean and honest; to purify
Japanese (adj-na,n,adj-no) purity; chastity


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Japanese seijitsu / sejitsu / せいじつ
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) sincere; honest; faithful; (female given name) Masami; (given name) Masachika; (female given name) Narumi; (personal name) Tomomi; (given name) Seijitsu; (given name) Joujitsu



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Mandarin chéng shí / cheng2 shi2
Taiwan ch`eng shih / cheng shih
Japanese jōjitsu
Chinese honest; honesty; honorable; truthful



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Mandarin lián jié / lian2 jie2
Taiwan lien chieh
Japanese renketsu / れんけつ
Chinese honest; not coercive; honesty; integrity; incorruptible
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) honest; incorruptible; integrity


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Mandarin dūn hòu / dun1 hou4
Taiwan tun hou
Japanese tonkou / tonko / とんこう
Chinese genuine; honest and sincere
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) sincerity and kindheartedness; honesty and simplicity


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Mandarin qīng lián / qing1 lian2
Taiwan ch`ing lien / ching lien
Japanese seiren / seren / せいれん
Chinese honest; uncorrupted
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) honesty; integrity; purity and unselfishness; (given name) Kiyoyuki; (given name) Kiyokado



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Mandarin dǔ hòu / du3 hou4
Taiwan tu hou
Japanese tokkou / tokko / とっこう
Chinese honest and generous; magnanimous
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) helpful and sincere; kind and honest; (personal name) Tokuatsu

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Mandarin kǎn / kan3
Taiwan k`an / kan
Japanese makoto / まこと    naoshi / なおし    tsuyoshi / つよし    tadasu / ただす    tadashi / ただし    sunao / すなお    kan / かん    akira / あきら
Chinese upright and honest; cheerful; to chat idly; to boast; to talk smoothly
Japanese (given name) Makoto; (male given name) Naoshi; (male given name) Tsuyoshi; (given name) Tadasu; (given name) Tadashi; (given name) Sunao; (given name) Kan; (given name) Akira

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Mandarin sè // sài // sāi / se4 // sai4 // sai1
Taiwan se // sai
Japanese sai
Chinese to stop up; to stuff; to cope with; strategic pass; tactical border position; to stop up; to squeeze in; to stuff; cork; stopper; Serbia; Serbian; abbr. for 塞爾維亞|塞尔维亚[Sai1 er3 wei2 ya4]
To stop up, block, gag; dull; honest; a barrier, frontier; translit. s; to close

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Mandarin lián / lian2
Taiwan lien
Japanese ren / れん    kado / かど
Chinese incorruptible; honest; inexpensive; to investigate (old); side wall of a traditional Chinese house (old); surname Lian
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) (archaism) cheap; inexpensive; (kana only) charge; grounds; suspicion; (surname, female given name) Ren; (surname) Yon; (surname) Yomu; (given name) Yasushi; (personal name) Tadashi; (male given name) Kiyoshi; (female given name) Kiyo; (surname) Ei; (surname) Iyomu

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Mandarin dūn / dun1
Taiwan tun
Japanese makoto / まこと    ton / とん    tsutomu / つとむ    sunao / すなお    junji / じゅんじ    jun / じゅん    osamu / おさむ    atsushi / あつし    atsu / あつ
Chinese kindhearted; honest
Japanese (given name) Makoto; (given name) Ton; (male given name) Tsutomu; (female given name) Sunao; (personal name) Junji; (female given name) Jun; (personal name) Osamu; (female given name) Atsushi; (given name) Atsu

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Mandarin què / que4
Taiwan ch`üeh / chüeh
Japanese takeshi / たけし    sunao / すなお
Chinese honest
Japanese (personal name) Takeshi; (given name) Sunao

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Mandarin yuàn / yuan4
Taiwan yüan
Japanese hiroshi / ひろし    sunao / すなお    gen / げん
Chinese honest; prudent; variant of 願|愿[yuan4]
Japanese (given name) Hiroshi; (given name) Sunao; (given name) Gen

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Mandarin què / que4
Taiwan ch`üeh / chüeh
Chinese honest

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Mandarin zhuàng // gàng / zhuang4 // gang4
Taiwan chuang // kang
Chinese simple; honest; stupid (Wu dialect)

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Mandarin dūn / dun1
Taiwan tun
Japanese ton / とん    tsutomu / つとむ    tan / たん    satoshi / さとし    osamu / おさむ    atsuyuki / あつゆき    atsunori / あつのり    atsuji / あつじ    atsushi / あつし    atsu / あつ
Chinese kindhearted; place name
Japanese (given name) Ton; (male given name) Tsutomu; (surname) Tan; (personal name) Satoshi; (given name) Osamu; (personal name) Atsuyuki; (personal name) Atsunori; (personal name) Atsuji; (surname, given name) Atsushi; (given name) Atsu
Staunch, honest, substantial; to consolidate; urge, etc.

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Mandarin chún / chun2
Taiwan ch`un / chun
Japanese yutaka / ゆたか    munezawa / むねざわ    mizuho / みずほ    makoto / まこと    hiroshi / ひろし    tadashi / ただし    sunaho / すなほ    sunao / すなお    junji / じゅんじ    jun / じゅん    shun / しゅん    kiyoshi / きよし    kiyo / きよ    atsuyuki / あつゆき    atsumi / あつみ    atsunori / あつのり    atsuji / あつじ    atsushi / あつし    atsu / あつ    aki / あき
Chinese genuine; pure; honest
Japanese (given name) Yutaka; (personal name) Munezawa; (female given name) Mizuho; (female given name) Makoto; (given name) Hiroshi; (given name) Tadashi; (female given name) Sunaho; (female given name) Sunao; (personal name) Junji; (surname, female given name) Jun; (personal name) Shun; (male given name) Kiyoshi; (female given name) Kiyo; (personal name) Atsuyuki; (given name) Atsumi; (personal name) Atsunori; (personal name) Atsuji; (given name) Atsushi; (surname, given name) Atsu; (surname, female given name) Aki

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Mandarin lěi / lei3
Taiwan lei
Japanese rei / re / れい    rai / らい    koishi / こいし
Chinese lumpy; rock pile; uneven; fig. sincere; open and honest
Japanese (personal name) Rei; (given name) Rai; (surname) Koishi

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Mandarin gěng / geng3
Taiwan keng
Japanese kou / ko / こう    gen / げん    kan / かん    akira / あきら
Chinese bright; honest; upright; surname Geng
Japanese (surname, given name) Kou; (surname) Gen; (surname) Kan; (given name) Akira

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Mandarin è / e4
Taiwan o
Chinese honest speech

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Mandarin zhì / zhi4
Taiwan chih
Japanese tachi / たち    shitsu / しつ    shichi / しち
Chinese character; nature; quality; plain; to pawn; pledge; hostage; to question; Taiwan pr. [zhi2]
Japanese quality; nature (of person); (n,n-suf) (1) quality; value; (2) nature; inherent quality; character; (3) logical quality; (See 質に入れる・しちにいれる) collateral; pledge; pawned article; (given name) Tadashi
Substance, matter; to substantiate, to confront; substantial honest, sound; translit. ci, ce; disposition

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Mandarin jiǎng / jiang3
Taiwan chiang
Chinese honest; upright

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Mandarin/ lu3
Taiwan lu
Japanese rou / ro / ろう    ru / る    oroka / おろか
Chinese crass; stupid; rude; surname Lu; Shandong Province 山東省|山东省[Shan1 dong1 Sheng3]; vassal state during the Zhou Dynasty (1066-221 BC) in modern day Shandong Province
Japanese (surname) Rou; (surname) Ro; (place-name) Lu (ancient Chinese state); (surname) Ru; (surname) Oroka
Stupid, vulgar, honest.


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Japanese gachi / がち Japanese (adjectival noun) (colloquialism) (abbreviation) serious; diligent; honest; earnest


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Japanese gachi / ガチ Japanese (adjectival noun) (colloquialism) (abbreviation) serious; diligent; honest; earnest


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Mandarin zhōng zhèng / zhong1 zheng4
Taiwan chung cheng
Japanese chuusei / chuse / ちゅうせい
Chinese fair and honest; adopted name of Chiang Kai-shek 蔣介石|蒋介石[Jiang3 Jie4 shi2]
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) impartiality; fairness; (given name) Nakamasa; (surname) Nakashou; (given name) Chuusei


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Mandarin rén hòu / ren2 hou4
Taiwan jen hou
Japanese masaatsu / masatsu / まさあつ
Chinese kindhearted; tolerant; honest and generous
Japanese (personal name) Masaatsu


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Japanese kokumei / kokume / こくめい Japanese (adjectival noun) (1) detailed; scrupulous; careful; minute; faithful; elaborate; (2) (archaism) diligent; honest; upright; sincere; (male given name) Yoshiaki; (given name) Masaaki; (given name) Kokumei; (personal name) Katsumasa; (given name) Katsuaki


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Japanese mattou / matto / まっとう Japanese (adjectival noun) (1) (kana only) proper; respectable; decent; honest; (adverb) (2) (archaism) entirely; completely; wholly; perfectly



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Mandarin qián mén / qian2 men2
Taiwan ch`ien men / chien men
Japanese zenmon / ぜんもん
Chinese front door; main entrance; honest and upright approach (as opposed to 後門|后门, back-door or under the counter); Qianmen subway station on Beijing Subway Line 2
Japanese front gate; (surname) Maekado



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Mandarin gāng zhèng / gang1 zheng4
Taiwan kang cheng
Japanese yoshimasa / よしまさ    tsuyotada / つよただ    takemasa / たけまさ    taketada / たけただ    takamasa / たかまさ    gousei / gose / ごうせい    kousei / kose / こうせい    katamasa / かたまさ
Chinese honest; upright
Japanese (given name) Yoshimasa; (personal name) Tsuyotada; (surname) Takemasa; (personal name) Taketada; (personal name) Takamasa; (given name) Gousei; (given name) Kousei; (personal name) Katamasa


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Mandarin bāo zhěng / bao1 zheng3
Taiwan pao cheng
Chinese Bao Zheng (999-1062), Northern Song official renowned for his honesty; modern day metaphor for an honest politician


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Mandarin hòu dao / hou4 dao5
Taiwan hou tao
Japanese atsumichi / あつみち
Chinese kind and honest; generous; sincere
Japanese (personal name) Atsumichi


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Japanese katai / かたい Japanese (adjective) (1) hard; solid; tough; (2) stiff; tight; wooden; unpolished (e.g. writing); (3) strong; firm (not viscous or easily moved); (4) safe; steady; honest; steadfast; (5) obstinate; stubborn; (6) bookish; formal; stuffy


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Mandarin dì dao // dì dào / di4 dao5 // di4 dao4
Taiwan ti tao // ti
Japanese jimichi / じみち
Chinese authentic; genuine; typical; from a place known for the product; thorough; conscientious; tunnel; causeway
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) steady; honest; sober; straightforward; (surname) Jimichi


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Mandarin tǎn bái / tan3 bai2
Taiwan t`an pai / tan pai
Chinese honest; forthcoming; to confess


see styles
Japanese katai / かたい Japanese (adjective) (1) hard; solid; tough; (2) stiff; tight; wooden; unpolished (e.g. writing); (3) strong; firm (not viscous or easily moved); (4) safe; steady; honest; steadfast; (5) obstinate; stubborn; (6) bookish; formal; stuffy


see styles
Japanese katagi / かたぎ Japanese (adjectival noun) (1) honest; respectable; (2) respectable occupation (i.e. not yakuza, prostitute, etc.); (3) person in a respectable occupation



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Mandarin sāi yuān / sai1 yuan1
Taiwan sai yüan
Chinese honest and far-seeing


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Mandarin shǒu zhuō / shou3 zhuo1
Taiwan shou cho
Japanese shusetsu / しゅせつ
Chinese to remain honest and poor
Japanese (given name) Shusetsu


see styles
Japanese jitsuha / じつは Japanese (exp,adv) as a matter of fact; by the way; to tell you the truth; to be honest; frankly


see styles
Japanese jicchoku / じっちょく Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) honest; steady; (female given name) Minao; (personal name) Jitsunao



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Mandarin shí zài / shi2 zai4
Taiwan shih tsai
Japanese jitsuzai
Chinese really; actually; indeed; true; real; honest; dependable; (philosophy) reality
to truly exist



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Mandarin shí chéng / shi2 cheng2
Taiwan shih ch`eng / shih cheng
Chinese sincere; honest


see styles
Mandarin lián zhèng / lian2 zheng4
Taiwan lien cheng
Japanese yasumasa / やすまさ
Chinese honest or clean politics
Japanese (personal name) Yasumasa


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Mandarin zhōng xìn / zhong1 xin4
Taiwan chung hsin
Japanese chuushin / chushin / ちゅうしん
Chinese faithful and honest; loyal and sincere
Japanese faithfulness; devotion; (personal name) Yoshinobu; (given name) Chuushin; (surname, given name) Tadanobu
loyal and faithful


see styles
Mandarin zhōng hòu / zhong1 hou4
Taiwan chung hou
Japanese tadaatsu / tadatsu / ただあつ
Chinese honest and considerate
Japanese (given name) Tadaatsu


see styles
Mandarin zhōng xīn / zhong1 xin1
Taiwan chung hsin
Japanese chūshin
Chinese good faith; devotion; loyalty; dedication
Loyal, faithful, honest.


see styles
Japanese tonboku / とんぼく Japanese (adjectival noun) (archaism) honest and homely; simple


see styles
Japanese tonboku / とんぼく Japanese (adjectival noun) (archaism) honest and homely; simple


see styles
Mandarin hān hou / han1 hou5
Taiwan han hou
Chinese simple and honest; straightforward



see styles
Mandarin hān shí / han1 shi2
Taiwan han shih
Chinese simple and honest


see styles
Mandarin hān zhí / han1 zhi2
Taiwan han chih
Chinese honest and straightforward


see styles
Japanese tonboku / とんぼく Japanese (adjectival noun) (archaism) honest and homely; simple


see styles
Japanese tonboku / とんぼく Japanese (adjectival noun) (archaism) honest and homely; simple


see styles
Mandarin míng zhǔ / ming2 zhu3
Taiwan ming chu
Japanese meishu / meshu / めいしゅ
Japanese wise ruler; (surname) Myoushu
wise and honest ruler; wise and honest ruler


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Mandarin míng lǎng / ming2 lang3
Taiwan ming lang
Japanese meirou / mero / めいろう
Chinese bright; clear; obvious; forthright; open-minded; bright and cheerful
Japanese (adjectival noun) (1) cheerful; bright; (2) clear; clean; honest; fair; (male given name) Meirou; (personal name) Teruhiro; (male given name) Akirou; (given name) Akira; (given name) Akio
show one's brightness



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Mandarin mù ne / mu4 ne4
Taiwan mu ne
Japanese bokutotsu / ぼくとつ
Chinese wooden and slow of speech; slow-speeched; inarticulate; unsophisticated
Japanese (adjectival noun) unsophisticated; ruggedly honest; artless; unaffected; simple; naive


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Japanese bokutotsu / ぼくとつ Japanese (adjectival noun) unsophisticated; ruggedly honest; artless; unaffected; simple; naive


see styles
Japanese juuen / juen / じゅうえん Japanese (adjectival noun) simple; plain; honest; unaffected; frank; unpretentious



see styles
Mandarin pǔ shí / pu3 shi2
Taiwan p`u shih / pu shih
Chinese plain; simple; guileless; down-to-earth; sincere and honest


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Mandarin zhèng zhí / zheng4 zhi2
Taiwan cheng chih
Chinese just at the time of; honest; upright; (math.) positive value



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Mandarin zhèng dàng // zhèng dāng / zheng4 dang4 // zheng4 dang1
Taiwan cheng tang // cheng
Japanese shōtō
Chinese honest; reasonable; fair; sensible; timely; just (when needed)
precisely then


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Mandarin shēn qiè / shen1 qie4
Taiwan shen ch`ieh / shen chieh
Japanese shinsetsu / しんせつ
Chinese deeply felt; heartfelt; sincere; honest
Japanese (out-dated kanji) (noun or adjectival noun) kindness; gentleness


see styles
Mandarin chún hòu / chun2 hou4
Taiwan ch`un hou / chun hou
Chinese pure and honest; simple and kind


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Japanese atsunao / あつなお Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) rustic simplicity; homeliness; unsophisticated; naive; honest; simple; (personal name) Atsunao



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Mandarin chún pǔ / chun2 pu3
Taiwan ch`un p`u / chun pu
Chinese simple and honest; unsophisticated; guileless
Japanese See: 淳朴


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Mandarin qīng guān / qing1 guan1
Taiwan ch`ing kuan / ching kuan
Chinese honest and upright official (traditional)


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Mandarin qīng kǔ / qing1 ku3
Taiwan ch`ing k`u / ching ku
Chinese destitute but honest; poor and simple; spartan; austere



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Mandarin qīng fēng / qing1 feng1
Taiwan ch`ing feng / ching feng
Japanese seifuu / sefu / せいふう
Chinese cool breeze; fig. pure and honest
Japanese breath of fresh air; cool (refreshing) breeze; (g,p) Seifuu; (female given name) Sayaka; (surname, given name) Kiyokaze; (female given name) Kiyoka



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Mandarin hún hòu / hun2 hou4
Taiwan hun hou
Chinese simple and honest; unsophisticated; (music etc) deep and resounding


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Japanese sugu / すぐ Japanese (adv,n) (1) (kana only) immediately; at once; right away; directly; (2) (kana only) soon; before long; shortly; (3) (kana only) easily; readily; without difficulty; (4) (kana only) right (near); nearby; just (handy); (adjectival noun) (5) (kana only) honest; upright; frank; straightforward



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Mandarin zhí bǐ / zhi2 bi3
Taiwan chih pi
Japanese chokuhitsu / ちょくひつ    jikihitsu / じきひつ
Chinese a straightforward honest account
Japanese (n,vs,adj-no) (1) (See 側筆) writing with an upright brush (using just the tip to create a narrower stroke); (2) (See 曲筆) frank writing; writing the bare facts; (noun - becomes adjective with の) one's own handwriting; autograph


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Mandarin zhēn qiè / zhen1 qie4
Taiwan chen ch`ieh / chen chieh
Chinese vivid; distinct; clear; sincere; honest


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Japanese matou / mato / まとう Japanese (ateji / phonetic) (irregular okurigana usage) (adjectival noun) (kana only) proper; respectable; decent; honest; (surname) Matou


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Japanese katai / かたい Japanese (adjective) (1) hard; solid; tough; (2) stiff; tight; wooden; unpolished (e.g. writing); (3) strong; firm (not viscous or easily moved); (4) safe; steady; honest; steadfast; (5) obstinate; stubborn; (6) bookish; formal; stuffy


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Mandarin yìng zhèng / ying4 zheng4
Taiwan ying cheng
Chinese staunchly honest


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Mandarin lěi lěi / lei3 lei3
Taiwan lei lei
Japanese rairai / らいらい
Chinese big pile of rocks; bighearted; open and honest
Japanese (n,adv-to,adj-t) (1) large pile of rocks; (2) open-heartedness; not being bothered by unimportant things


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Mandarin lěi luò / lei3 luo4
Taiwan lei lo
Japanese rairaku / らいらく
Chinese big and stout; big-hearted; open and honest; continuous; repeated
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) open-hearted



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Mandarin wěn hòu / wen3 hou4
Taiwan wen hou
Chinese steady and honest


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Mandarin duān fāng / duan1 fang1
Taiwan tuan fang
Chinese upright; honest; proper; correct


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Japanese junboku / じゅんぼく Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) rustic simplicity; homeliness; unsophisticated; naive; honest; simple



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Mandarin chún zhèng / chun2 zheng4
Taiwan ch`un cheng / chun cheng
Japanese yoshimasa / よしまさ    yoshitada / よしただ    sumimasa / すみまさ    junsei / junse / じゅんせい    junshou / junsho / じゅんしょう
Chinese pure; unadulterated; (of motives etc) honest
Japanese (adj-na,adj-no) genuine; pure; perfect; (given name) Yoshimasa; (given name) Yoshitada; (given name) Sumimasa; (given name) Junsei; (given name) Junshou


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Japanese sunao / すなお Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) (1) obedient; meek; docile; unaffected; (2) honest; frank; upfront (about one's feelings); (personal name) Motonao; (female given name) Sona; (female given name) Sunami; (female given name) Sunao; (female given name) Jun; (female given name) Sanao


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Japanese katai / かたい Japanese (irregular kanji usage) (adjective) (1) hard; solid; tough; (2) stiff; tight; wooden; unpolished (e.g. writing); (3) strong; firm (not viscous or easily moved); (4) safe; steady; honest; steadfast; (5) obstinate; stubborn; (6) bookish; formal; stuffy



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Mandarin lǎo shi / lao3 shi5
Taiwan lao shih
Chinese honest; sincere; well-behaved; open and guileless; naive


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Mandarin gěng zhí / geng3 zhi2
Taiwan keng chih
Chinese honest; frank; candid


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Mandarin kǔ yán / ku3 yan2
Taiwan k`u yen / ku yen
Japanese kugen / くげん
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) candid advice; frank advice; honest opinion; exhortation
Bitter words, words of rebuke; criticism



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Mandarin guī ju / gui1 ju5
Taiwan kuei chü
Japanese kiku / きく
Chinese lit. compass and set square; fig. established standard; rule; customs; practices; fig. upright and honest; well-behaved
Japanese rule; standard; compass and ruler; (given name) Motonori; (female given name) Minori; (given name) Noritsune; (given name) Norikane; (surname, given name) Kiku

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